Criminal Defense Overview

Michigan Criminal Defense Law Firm - We Fight. We Win.

Grabel & Associates is considered Michigan's premier criminal defense firm. We focus our entire practice exclusively on providing aggressive criminal defense solely in the state of Michigan. Our goal is to do whatever is necessary to achieve outstanding case results for our clientele. We have built our well earned reputation one case result at a time.

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Our firm’s track record and experience is unsurpassed for getting clients exceptional results. Our experienced case analysts are available to talk to you 24/7. Call us toll free at 1-800-342-7896 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free confidential consultation with a member of our team.

We represent people charged with all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, such as:

Assault and Violent Crimes

Sex Charges

Drug Charges

DUI Defense

Theft and Property Crimes

Juvenile Offenses

Child Protective Services CPS

Post-Conviction Services

Police Officer's Mistakes 

Holmes Youthful Trainee Act Sentencing


Don't wait for the police and prosecutor to make the next move. Get trial lawyer Scott Grabel and our criminal defense team on your side right away and let us get your life back on track. Contact us now.