Super Drunk Driving in Michigan

Grabel & Associates aggressively defends those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, including those charged with driving with excessive blood alcohol content. If you have been accused of super drunk driving in Michigan, you need a talented DUI defense lawyer on your side. We understand Michigan laws and have experience defending clients in all types of drunk driving cases. Our Michigan defense attorneys will work to protect you from enhanced sentences and fines, aggressively fighting to protect your rights and earn you a great case outcome. Contact us immediately if you have been involved in operating a vehicle under the influence and believe it could result in drunk driving charges.

Attorney Defending Super Drunk Driving Cases in Michigan

If you are accused of driving with an excessively high blood alcohol content, we are here to help. You need a law firm who can guide you through every step of the criminal process, and our experience working with clients in pre-file, trial, and post-conviction stages of criminal cases gives us valuable insight and knowledge that can be directly applied to your case. Without the help of a DUI  attorney, you could face long-lasting restrictions on your freedom. Don’t jeopardize your results and your future; contact Grabel & Associates now.

Michigan Super Drunk Law

If you have no prior DUI or OUI convictions on your record and operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .17% or higher, you could be charged under the Michigan super drunk law. If you have had an OUI conviction in the past 7 years, you will face even worse criminal penalties if convicted of a subsequent DUI under the Michigan super drunk law. It is important to hire a lawyer immediately no matter what the specifics of your DUI case.

Blood Alcohol Content of Over 0.17

If you have a blood test or breath test that shows a blood alcohol content level of more that .17, contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer now. You will require an attorney who understands the details of Michigan super drunk law and can comprehend every issue that could affect your case. If convicted of super drunk charge, you will face extremely damaging punishments, sometimes up to double what a regular DUI conviction would result in. Let us help you earn an impressive result in your case and ensure you receive the best legal protection possible.

Criminal Penalties Under Michigan Super Drunk Law

Although a drunk driving conviction is always serious, a BAC reading of .17 or higher will result in even more extreme penalties. If convicted of operating a vehicle with over twice the legal limit in your blood, you will face a fine of up to $700, up to 180 days in jail, a possible 360 hours of community service, a one year license suspension, mandatory alcohol treatment, and ignition interlock use, among other restrictions. The criminal penalties for drunk driving under the Michigan super drunk law are severe, and without a lawyer, you could face long-term restrictions on your freedom.

Our Effective Approach to Michigan Super DUI Cases

At Grabel & Associates, we are dedicated to results, which means we always keep your case outcome in mind. Any action we take will move you closer to the legal goals that we establish through constant consultation and analysis of your case. We want to make sure that our legal strategies line up with what you need, and our lawyers will be available anytime to answer questions you might have along the way.

We work to build a completely individualized legal strategy for every drunk driving case we take, which means we will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the unique details of your case. We will uncover every piece of information that could help you in your criminal fight, and will protect your rights throughout every stage of your Michigan DUI case. If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, or believe you could be charged with OUI, contact Grabel & Associates now. We have proven our criminal defense skill in thousands of past cases, and our attorneys combine for over 100 years of legal experience that will give you an edge in your case.

Contact Grabel & Associates for a Super Drunk Driving Defense

Contact us right now if you have questions about the Michigan super drunk law or other DUI charges. A case analyst is available to speak to you 24/7 at our toll free number, 1-800-342-7896. Additionally, you can set up a free case consultation with renowned DUI defense attorney Scott Grabel by contacting us online. If you are facing a super drunk charge or possible DUI conviction, you need the best defense on your side. We have proven team of talented attorneys now and ensure your freedom is aggressively defended.