Child Left at Home Under Court Jurisdiction

Navigating a child abuse and neglect case can be difficult, often causing both confusion and trauma. If you want to make the process as simple as possible, get a lawyer involved early in the case. Your attorney for CPS cases will walk along side you every step of the way, keeping you informed so you can make wise decisions that will affect the future of your family. The team at Grabel & Associates has ample experience defending parents involved in child abuse or neglect cases and is ready to start battling on your behalf. We will help you understand your legal options as we fight for the best available outcome and work to keep your family together.

The sooner you connect with us, the more we can do to defend your parental rights and protect the wellbeing of your child. Give us a call right now; a talented member of our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have and connect you with an experienced child abuse defense lawyer.

CPS Investigation Process

When CPS receives a report of child abuse or neglect, they send a CPS worker to investigate. If there is adequate reason to suspect the child is in danger or has been in danger, the CPS worker may show up at your home with a warrant and interview you, your child, and anyone else involved in the case. The investigation process also often includes a visit to the child’s home, review of any relevant documents, assessment of the child’s safety and anticipated future risk, and assessing the family’s needs and strengths.

The CPS worker assigned to a case has 30 days to wrap up an investigation, after which they will determine if there is a preponderance of evidence of child abuse or neglect. The case will be placed into a category that will determine the action that needs to be taken. If necessary, CPS may file a petition with the court requesting any of the following:

  • That the child be removed from the home.
  • That the perpetrator be removed from the home.
  • That the family would cooperate with in-home services.

CPS cannot take your child without a court order. If their petition is denied, your child will remain in your home, under your care.

Child Remaining at Home Under Court Jurisdiction

If CPS determines that child abuse or neglect has taken place and takes action, your case will be reviewed at least once every 6 months and a permanency hearing will be held within 12 months. Your child may be returned to you, placed for adoption, cared for by a permanency guardian, placed with a relative, or placed in another permanent living situation. Sometimes, the child will be left at home under court jurisdiction. This means that the court will let your child remain at home, under your care, but will require that you attend hearings where they can determine if the living situation remains in the best interests of the child. If you need help proving that your child should not be taken away, call the Grabel & Associates team. We will review every detail of your case and help you demonstrate that you are a fit guardian under the standard required by the court.

Our Approach to Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

If you want to receive a favorable outcome in your child abuse or neglect case, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The Grabel & Associates team has worked on numerous cases involving CPS and knows what it takes to protect your parental rights and keep your child at home. We will look over the details of your case and fight for your family both inside and outside of the courtroom. To learn more about how we can aid you in your case, dial our toll-free hotline today.

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