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Search and Seizure

At Grabel & Associates, we believe in protecting the constitutional rights of every Michigan citizen. According to the Fourth Amendment, every person is protected against unreasonable search and seizure. This right is reiterated in the State Constitution of 1963, and specifically lists the person, houses, papers, and possessions of every person to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure. Our attorneys work to protect this right throughout criminal investigations and proceedings, in order to fight wrongful conviction and unjust sentencing.

Lawyer Protecting Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure in Michigan

In any criminal case, it is crucial to have a lawyer working with you at every stage. The longer you wait to hire a lawyer, the more your results are at risk, so contact a Michigan criminal defense attorney immediately. We will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal process, and our lawyers will defend your freedom with our aggressive criminal defense tactics. Contact us now if you are under investigation for a criminal charge or if you have just been arrested for a crime in Michigan.

Searches and Seizure in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, the person, house, papers, and possession of every person are to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure. This means that any search warrant must specifically describe the items that are targeted, and police must have probable cause to suspect they will find those specific items in the places they are searching. Without probable cause or a lawful warrant, police are not allowed to search you or your belongings.

Attorney Defending Clients in Criminal Cases in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Throughout Michigan

Working with a lawyer allows you to have complete confidence that any improper investigation or unreasonable search will be brought to light in your judicial proceedings and used to achieve a better criminal case outcome. If the police search an area not listed in the warrant, or uncover evidence not described in the warrant, that evidence may be inadmissible in court.

We will also protect you against self-incrimination, and speak on your behalf in order to protect you during the investigative stage of a criminal case. If you invite police officers into your home, giving them consent to search, you could hurt your defense. We will advise you in every legal action, ensuring that any step you take moves you closer to a great outcome.

Illegal Search of Home or Car in Michigan

Any place where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy is protected from unreasonable search and seizure. If a police officer stops your vehicle for a valid reason, such as a traffic violation, anything in plain view can be seized and used as evidence in a criminal case. Additionally, a police officer may be able to search the rest of your vehicle without warrant if he or she has probable cause. It is important to contact your attorney immediately so that you are aware of the limitations on search and seizure in a vehicle.

If police come to your door without a signed search warrant, politely decline to let them search your house. Unless there is probable cause to believe someone in your house is being harmed, the officers will have to first obtain a warrant to search your home. If the police have a warrant, they can lawfully search the areas listed for the items described in the search warrant. Your attorney can advise you throughout the investigative process to ensure you are protected against unlawful search of your Michigan home.

Our Approach to Search and Seizure Law in Michigan

You need a lawyer who understands that your privacy deserves to be relentlessly protected, and our attorneys will not allow your case to be hurt by illegal search or seizure. We understand the mistakes commonly made by police and prosecutors, and we will work to expose any mistakes made during any stage of your case that could help you in achieving a beneficial outcome.

We continuously consult with every client and investigate the details of each unique case we take in order to uncover every detail of each criminal case. We will build an individualized legal strategy that will effectively guide you to your legal goals. Without the help of an attorney, the aggressive investigative tactics of those trying to convict you could affect your results. We are committed to helping Michigan’s accused, and will aggressively defend all criminal clients from unreasonable search and seizure.

Contact a search and seizure attorney with a proven track record and access exceptional representation for your misdemeanor or felony charge. We are dedicated to practicing only criminal defense law, which means we have developed the skills needed to win in the most difficult cases, and we will use knowledge gained in thousands of past Michigan criminal cases to earn you an unrivaled outcome.

Contact Grabel & Associates for Search and Seizure Protection

Call 1-800-342-7896 now to speak with an experienced case analyst about search and seizure law in Michigan. We are available 24/7 to discuss the details of your case and begin building an effective defense. You can also set up a free consultation with knowledgeable trial lawyer Scott Grabel by contacting us online. Ensure your rights are protected throughout the criminal process and don’t fall prey to unlawful investigative tactics, contact Grabel & Associates now.


Client Reviews

If you are reading these reviews you are about to make a decision that will have a large impact on the rest of your life. I choose Grabel and Associates to represent me in my case and I could not have been more satisfied with the level of professionalism and dedication to their clients. I had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple lawyers in the practice all of which showcased a vast knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the legal system. When you choose Scott Grabel to represent you will open yourself up to all of his resources. Depending on your case Grabel knows experts in all fields. I worked with polygraph examiners, investigators, and forensics experts. Grabel and Associates will defend without prejudice of innocence or guilt. Scott Grabel was able to lead me through every step of the process with great communication the whole way. I would recommend Scott Grabel and Associates to my friends, family and anyone who is in need of representation. B. A.
Best attorney in state of Michigan. Caring and a true friend. Scott was with us every step of the way. He fought for a great injustice for our son and was able to provide an outcome that gave his life back. L. A.
Scott and his firm did an awesome job representing a family member of mine, I would highly recommend him and his firm! They were extremely reliable, trustworthy and very informative and did a great job with the case. I couldn't be happier with the results that we received, I can't speak highly enough about the great job he did. If you are thinking about using his firm, I would highly recommend, I would definitely use his firm again if needed, he is an a great attorney with a great firm, you won't be disappointed! M. F.