Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses Are Valuable Tools in Felony Cases

The use of a compelling expert witness at trial can be invaluable. An expert witness can provide substantial credibility to your case while simultaneously casting doubt on the prosecution’s evidence. While experts exist in a wide variety of fields, they are commonly used as part of a vigorous criminal defense in the following areas:

  • DNA analysis
  • Fingerprinting
  • Voice analysis
  • Handwriting interpretation
  • Document analysis
  • Mental health assessments (by psychiatrists and psychologists)
  • Police conduct

Our Team Of Dedicated Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys Have Successfully Used Expert Witnesses In Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw And Throughout Michigan To Obtain The Best Results Possible For Our Clients

The Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates understand when using an expert may be beneficial to your case and has a proven track record of effectively using experts to gain acquittals and dismissals in a wide variety of Michigan criminal cases.

By Using Expert Witnesses, An experienced Michigan Criminal Law Firm May Be Able To Get Charges Reduced Or eliminated

Experts may be used in any type of Michigan criminal case. They may be used to show that DNA evidence collected at a crime scene doesn’t match yours, or to rule out your finger prints as those on a murder weapon. Experts are also frequently used in fraud cases. For example, a forensic accounting expert can point out defective accounting systems that can lead to faulty allegations.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys Using Expert Witnesses As Part Of An Aggressive Criminal Defense Strategy

A few examples of cases where our criminal defense law firm has been able to use experts to help our clients include:

Drunk driving: Toxicology experts can testify in Michigan drunk driving cases regarding the validity of breathalyzer and blood-alcohol tests. Many times, police officers fail to properly read the equipment or the equipment itself is improperly calibrated. Using a toxicology expert can lead to getting Michigan DUI charges dismissed.

Arson: When an initial investigation shows that a fire was deliberately set, our arson experts have been able to present alternative explanations concerning how and why a building or house burnt down. By poking holes in official fire investigation reports, our Michigan arson defense lawyers have been able to successfully defeat arson charges.

Insanity pleas: In Michigan, showing that a defendant is not guilty by reason of insanity may be challenging. An expert psychiatric witness can help establish that an individual didn’t understand his actions at the time of a crime (in legal terms “was unable to appreciate the nature of his conduct”) and also challenge the testimony of any mental health professionals hired by the district attorney.

Our Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Successfully Use Expert Witnesses As Part Of Our Strategic Defense

At Grabel & Associates, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best defense possible. As the top Michigan criminal defense law firm, our team of trial lawyers has access to the most compelling and respected expert witnesses available who can testify in a variety of cases, ranging from drunk driving to assault and battery to first-degree murder. We understand the crucial impact using a compelling expert can have on the outcome of your case and where it will help your case, our experienced Michigan criminal defense trial attorneys will incorporate expert witnesses as part of your winning criminal defense strategy.

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