Jail Alternatives

Being convicted of a crime doesn't have to mean that you will go to jail. While sometimes a conviction for a crime may be unavoidable, an experienced Michigan criminal lawyer may be able to help you avoid jail time altogether or work out an alternative to jail, which may limit the time you spend behind bars.

Our Aggressive Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Help Maintain Your Freedom And Find Alternatives To Jail

Judges often favor programs other than simple jail time because the alternatives help lessen the burden on overcrowded jails and penitentiaries and provide many benefits for both the state and the individuals who participate. 

There are a variety of programs, including drug rehab, work release and community service that can be used as an alternative to jail. An experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer can find the program that works best for you. By successfully petitioning the court for placement in an “alternative to jail” program,experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys may be able to help clients convicted of relatively minor felonies such as drug crimes, burglary, drunk driving and assault, avoid prison entirely or serve only a few months in a state penitentiary.

At Grabel & Associates, we never stop fighting for our clients. Where a conviction is unavoidable, we continue working to achieve the best outcome for you and will seek an alternatives to jail where possible and in your best interest.  

By Successfully Seeking An Alternative Sentence, Our Michigan Criminal Defense Team May Be Able To Keep You Out Of Jail

Several different alternatives to jail exist, and our Michigan criminal defense trial attorneys can determine which program may be right for you.

Sentencing options that can help you avoid jail time include:

Deferred Sentencing. Under certain circumstances you may be able to obtain a “deferred sentence.” These include the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA or YTA) sentencing,which applies to young adults who plead guilty to certain crimes. If a defendant successfully complies with a judge’s orders and terms, then the conviction will not become part of that person’s permanent criminal record.

Another type of deferred sentence applies to certain drug crimes. Called “7411 sentencing” (from the Michigan Criminal Statute, MCL 333.7411), if a person pleads guilty and follows a judge’s terms and conditions, often including attendance at drug rehab, the drug crime conviction will not become part of his or her criminal record.

However HYTA and 7411 sentencing are not for everyone. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of any type of deferred sentencing with an experienced Michigan alternatives to jail lawyer to determine what is right for you.

Work Release. Additionally, most Michigan counties have “work release” or “tether programs” that allow individuals to continue working while serving a prison sentence. In some situations, a person may be allowed to remain at home and be “tethered” or live in some form of minimum-security facility, such as a halfway home. Michigan Work release programs vary by county, but generally provide a good opportunity for individuals to maintain some freedom, continue working and support their family. Specific requirements for the Oakland County work release program can be found here.

An experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney can advise you whether work release may be an option for you.

Probation. Another way to avoid jail is to be assigned to “probation.” Being on probation means that you agree to meet certain requirements such as checking in with a probation officer once a week, not committing any criminal offenses, and in some situations submitting to drug and alcohol testing. For most people probation is a great option to avoid jail. However, you have to be careful not to violate its terms probation violations can land you in jail.

Community Service. Many times by fulfilling a community service obligation you can avoid jail time. Putting in 100 hours of work at a homeless shelter or food kitchen is a common punishment for less serious Michigan crimes including joyriding and reckless conduct.

Several other types of alternatives to prison exist,including attending “boot camp,” delayed sentences, and fines. An experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer can determine which sentencing option may be suited for you and help you avoid jail time.

Our Experienced Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight To Keep Your Freedom

For many Michigan criminal offenses, it may be possible to reduce or avoid jail time. At Grabel & Associates, our Michigan criminal defense trial lawyers are familiar with the different types of alternative sentences available and know when a particular option may be a good fit in your case. We also recognize that in some situations, alternatives to jail may not be in our client’s best interest.

We have a proven record of obtaining the best results for our clients in courtrooms across Michigan and are dedicated to helping our clients stay out of jail and minimizing the negative impact of a conviction.

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