Operating Under the Influence of Medical Marijuana

When a person operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating drug like medical marijuana, he or she could be charged with OUID. Medicinal marijuana laws in Michigan make it possible to drive with some marijuana in your system; it is still very possible to be convicted of a serious drug crime charge. Grabel & Associates understands how to fight back against medical marijuana conviction in MI and will work with you to guard against serious penalties after you are accused of driving impaired. Contact our firm immediately and find out more about how you can defend against life-changing punishment.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Defense

Charges for operating with the presence of drugs and operating while under the influence of drugs are similar, but different, and working with a defense attorney who understands the differences could give you an edge in your case. For over a decade, Grabel & Associates has worked with clients throughout Michigan, guiding them through the criminal process and fighting for just case outcomes in even the most difficult legal situations. If you have been questioned, investigated, or charged with OUID for medical marijuana use, contact our firm right away.

People v. Koon Medical Marijuana Ruling

Operating a vehicle with any trace of the drug in your system, including cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and heroin, is illegal, regardless of the effects the drug has on you. Fortunately for licensed medical marijuana users, police and prosecutors must consider the patient’s legal possession and use of the substance, and a person cannot be convicted for simply having traces of the drug in his or her system. In the ruling of People v. Koon, the Michigan Supreme Court made it possible for medical marijuana users to drive with traces of the drug present, and police and prosecutors must now instead prove that medical marijuana impaired the driver, affecting his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle.

It is critical to work with an attorney who knows what the prosecution needs to demonstrate in order to prove that you we impaired by medical marijuana, and who can effectively protect you from wrongful conviction. We understand that patients have the right to use medical marijuana and drive when safe to do so just as any other patient taking a medication with intoxicating side effects, and will stand up for your rights in court. Work with Grabel & Associates today in your medical marijuana OUID case and fight back against conviction.

Medical Marijuana Use With and Without a Card in Michigan

If you are not a legal, card-carrying, medical marijuana patient, driving with any pot in your system could lead to the same serious penalties as drunk driving would. With a card, you are allowed to drive with traces of marijuana in your system, however if you fail field sobriety tests or for other reasons are judged to be impaired, you will be subject to OUID charges and potential conviction.

If convicted of OUID, you could face up to 93 days in jail, a 6 month driver’s license suspension, vehicle immobilization, potential community service, and a fine of up to $500. Second offenses could lead to jail time of up to 1 year, driver’s license revocation, fines of up to $1,000, community service, vehicle immobilization and license plate confiscation, and possible vehicle forfeiture. Third or subsequent OUID convictions will lead to felony charges and extremely serious penalties.

Because Michigan does not have a set legal limit for medicinal marijuana use, it is critically important that you work with an experienced attorney who understands how to counter police and prosecutorial arguments. Our team understands what needs to be done to help you prove you were not impaired by medical marijuana, and will work relentlessly until everything has been done to guard against conviction.

Our Approach to Operating Under the Influence of Medical Marijuana Charges

Although medical marijuana users cannot be convicted simply for “internal possession” of the drug, it is still very possible for wrongful conviction and excessive punishment to occur. When a driver’s level of impairment is judged by a police officer using highly subjective tests and onsite observation, it is crucial that you know how to challenge evidence and fight back against harmful allegations. We understand how complex medicinal marihuana cases can be and will work to help you understand exactly what you need to do to get through your criminal case.

With attorneys statewide, our firm has established a reputation as one of the best for drug crime defense in Michigan. Our proven results show how powerful our arguments can be, and our 24/7 availability makes it possible for you to get us on your side right away. Contact us now for a free case consultation.

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