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Illegal or Street Drug Intoxication

If you use illegal narcotics in Michigan and are caught operating a motor vehicle, you could face serious criminal penalties. Grabel & Associates is committed to defending Michigan’s accused in drug crime and DUI cases, and our aggressive criminal defense will give you an unrivaled advantage in your case. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of an illicit substance, or with any amount of a Schedule 1 street drug in your system. As soon as you are pulled over or arrested for illegal or street drug intoxication while driving a vehicle, contact a Michigan DUID lawyer and begin fighting to protect your rights and freedom.

Drug Testing Procedures for DUID Cases in Michigan

You can be charged with drug intoxication in Michigan even if you are not tested for drug content in your system. Operating a vehicle while visibly impaired is a charge left to the judgment of Michigan police, and you need to fight back against potential conviction. 

If you have been tested and found to have an illegal drug in your bloodstream, contact Grabel & Associates to find out what your legal options are. There are many flaws in the testing procedures utilized to determine drug or alcohol content and we will expose mistakes that have been made in any part of your investigation in order to beat the charges against you. Contact our Michigan drug intoxication defense attorneys now to fight motor vehicle charges and earn the best possible result in your criminal case.

Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence of Drugs

Anyone in any of our state’s 83 counties who is facing DUI, DWI, OWI, OWPD, OUID, or OWVI charges needs to hire a lawyer as early as possible in order to achieve the best possible criminal case outcome. The investigative stages of a drug intoxication case are vitally important, and our attorneys will work to uncover every detail of your case that could help you earn a case dismissal or reduced charge.

If you have never been convicted for operating under the influence of a street drug or alcohol before, the potential penalties are not nearly as severe as those for people with a past conviction on record. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding your case, you will require a talented attorney to guide you through the criminal process, and the sooner you contact us, the better we can represent you.

If you are intoxicated or impaired by illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, peyote, or even certain prescription drugs, you could face serious criminal charges. Any amount of cocaine or a Schedule 1 narcotic such as heroin in your system will result in criminal charges, so contact an attorney immediately if you fear you could be charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Our attorneys have experience working in DUI and drug crime cases, and will explain to you how your case is affected by the specific circumstances of your arrest.

Criminal Penalty for DUI of Cocaine, Heroin, or Marijuana

If you are caught with any amount of cocaine or a Schedule 1 drug in your body as determined via a chemical test, you will face Operating With the Presence of Drugs (OWPD) charges. You can be charged with this crime regardless of how you were driving and whether or not you appear to be intoxicated. If you are found to be driving under the influence of an illegal drug through blood or urine testing, you could face charges of Operating Under the Influence of Drugs (OUID). For this charge, police and prosecutors must demonstrate you were driving unsafely while impaired by an illicit narcotic. Recent interpretations of the Medical Marijuana Act by the Michigan Supreme Court allow for those carrying a valid Medical Marijuana Card to drive with marijuana in their system so long as they are not impaired. Contact our firm to see how these recent changes could effect your DUI case.

Lawyer Fighting OUID Charges in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Throughout Michigan

The criminal penalties for OUID and OWPD charges are as follows, according to the Michigan Penal Code:

  • 1st conviction (misdemeanor) can result in up to 90 days in jail, fines of up to $500, driver’s license suspension and restriction, driver responsibility fees, community service, and more.
  • A 2nd OUID or OWPD conviction within 7 years (misdemeanor) can result in up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, license revocation for a year or more, driver responsibility fees, and additional punishment.
  • If you are convicted of a 3rd OUID or OWPD charge in your lifetime, you will face felony criminal charges with potential penalties of up to 5 years in prison, fines of up to $5,000, a revoked driver’s license for 5 years or more, and additional punishments.

Our Approach to OUID and OWPD Charges in MI

When you face charges of driving while under the influence of drugs, you need a talented criminal defense lawyer who understands that drug crime cases are different than regular DUI alcohol cases. Drugs can stay in your system for weeks or months, making it hard to pinpoint when a person is actually impaired, and creating an opportunity for wrongful convictions. Field tests that measure drug intoxication can also be unreliable, especially if proper procedures are not followed.

Street drug intoxication is a serious charge, and our lawyers understand how stressful a criminal case can be. Fortunately, we have the experience necessary to earn you the best possible outcome in your case. Our attorneys have been defending clients statewide for over a decade, and we have fought for clients in thousands of past DUI cases, drug crime cases, and more.

Our team will work together to build the best criminal defense strategy for your particular case after exposing every hidden detail missed by police and prosecuting attorneys. Don’t speak with police or take any legal action before contacting Michigan’s best DUI defense attorneys. We will guide you through the initial stages of your case and help you understand how to utilize your constitutional rights to your advantage throughout your case. Lead by trial lawyer Scott Grabel, our team will fight for you in your driving while intoxicated by street drugs case in pre-file, trial, and post-conviction stages.

Contact Scott Grabel for Illegal Substance Intoxication Defense

When you are accused of driving while under the influence of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, oxycodone, or any other illegal substance, it is crucial that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our firm is dedicated to being available whenever our clients need us, which is why you can reach us 24/7 at our toll free number. Call 1-800-342-7896 now for a free initial phone consultation, or contact us online. If you would like to speak with trial attorney Scott Grabel about your criminal defense options, contact us and set up a free consultation. Our statewide attorneys will immediately begin defending you against aggressive police and prosecutors, and work to obtain the best possible result in your OUID or OWPD case.

Client Reviews

If you are reading these reviews you are about to make a decision that will have a large impact on the rest of your life. I choose Grabel and Associates to represent me in my case and I could not have been more satisfied with the level of professionalism and dedication to their clients. I had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple lawyers in the practice all of which showcased a vast knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the legal system. When you choose Scott Grabel to represent you will open yourself up to all of his resources. Depending on your case Grabel knows experts in all fields. I worked with polygraph examiners, investigators, and forensics experts. Grabel and Associates will defend without prejudice of innocence or guilt. Scott Grabel was able to lead me through every step of the process with great communication the whole way. I would recommend Scott Grabel and Associates to my friends, family and anyone who is in need of representation. B. A.
Best attorney in state of Michigan. Caring and a true friend. Scott was with us every step of the way. He fought for a great injustice for our son and was able to provide an outcome that gave his life back. L. A.
Scott and his firm did an awesome job representing a family member of mine, I would highly recommend him and his firm! They were extremely reliable, trustworthy and very informative and did a great job with the case. I couldn't be happier with the results that we received, I can't speak highly enough about the great job he did. If you are thinking about using his firm, I would highly recommend, I would definitely use his firm again if needed, he is an a great attorney with a great firm, you won't be disappointed! M. F.