Operating While Visibly Impaired 2nd Offense

Repeat OWVI offenders face serious criminal penalties in Michigan, and no matter what the details of your Operating While Visibly Impaired case, it is vital to obtain capable representation as soon as possible. Grabel & Associates has premier Michigan OWVI defense attorneys dedicated to fighting for the rights of defendants in drunk driving cases. Our team of skilled attorneys will review every detail of your case and help you achieve a great case result. We know the tactics that work to achieve reduced charges, case dismissals, and acquittals, and our team is always available to defend OWVI clients statewide.

As soon as you are pulled over for OWVI, ensure you contact a competent attorney immediately so that you can properly protect your rights. Although OWVI charges do not require a BAC over 0.08%, the penalties are still serious, and comparable to those for Operating While Intoxicated or DUI. Contact our experienced team now to fight back against jail time, fines, driver’s license revocation, and other severe punishment that could result after your repeat offender OWVI charge.

Second OWVI Charge Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer in MI

Even though the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit is 0.08%, OWVI charges result when police observe an impaired driver who doesn’t have an illegal blood alcohol content. Although BAC still plays a factor and a borderline illegal BAC makes conviction more likely, OWVI cases rely heavily on police accounts and sobriety tests in order to determine the driver’s level of intoxication.

Unfortunately, wrongful conviction is very possible in OWVI cases. While a driver may appear to be impaired to a police officer, numerous factors can play into traffic violations, failing field sobriety tests, and other actions that can make a person appear intoxicated. Vehicle problems, health issues, poor road conditions, weather, and other details need to be considered in OWVI cases, and our lawyers will bring every important detail of your case to light.

Contact an attorney now to fight back against aggressive police and prosecutors who will be working to build a convincing case against you. Grabel & Associates has the experience and abilities needed to help you achieve your legal goals, and we are available immediately to take your case. Don’t hesitate to secure the best possible criminal defense lawyer, as drunk driving cases can move quickly and deal with complex interactions between laws. We will help you understand any legal issues affecting your case and prepare you to fight for your freedom.

Criminal Penalties for Second OWVI Offense in Michigan

According to the Michigan Vehicle Code, repeat OWVI offenders face up to one year in jail, along with a possible 90 days of community service. In addition, mandatory fines of as much as $1,000 can occur alongside additional driver responsibility fees. Your vehicle will be immobilized for a period of time, and your driving privileges will be revoked for at least one year. After a one year period, you can apply for a DAAD hearing and try to win your license back.

Our lawyers will defend you in any of Michigan’s 83 counties, and our work has effectively assisted clients in countless drunk driving cases over the past decade. We have experience utilizing the most powerful defense strategies in difficult OWVI and OWI cases and will work with you throughout every stage of your case to develop a comprehensive criminal defense strategy.

Our Approach to Michigan Misdemeanor Drunk Driving Charges

Operating a vehicle while visibly impaired is a serious accusation, but without BAC evidence there is a lot to be reviewed before allegations are taken as fact. Grabel & Associates will look at every detail of your case, and we fully understand field sobriety tests, traffic law violations, police mistakes, breath test evidence, and other details that could be crucial in your OWVI case.

Our attorneys will continuously consult with you throughout the justice process and work to develop a criminal defense approach designed with your legal goals in mind. Settling for less than one of Michigan’s top firms means risking your result, and our attorneys are here to help you avoid wrongful conviction or excessive criminal penalties.

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