DUI Conviction Impact on Insurance

In addition to impacting your personal and work life, a DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your auto insurance. Typically insurance companies raise the costs of your insurance premiums, usually for the next three to five years or longer. After that time, you must maintain a spotless driving record in order to get back to the preferred status you may have had with your insurer. Rates after a DUI may double or triple or rise even higher from your rates before the conviction. Other factors, such as at–fault accidents and excessive tickets, can combine with a DUI conviction to raise your rates even further.

Required Proof of Insurance After DUI

After a drunk driving conviction, most states, including Michigan, require the driver’s insurance company to file an SR–22 proof of insurance form. This provides proof to the state that you are insured, which is a necessary step in reinstating your driver’s license. SR–22 insurance is typically more expensive than regular auto insurance, and not all insurers will provide you with an SR–22. In Michigan SR–22 insurance is required for three years after a DUI conviction.

Not all insurance companies offer SR–22 policies. Many insurers cancel the policies of drivers with DUI convictions, and sometimes cancel the policy based only upon an arrest for drunk driving, even if you are ultimately exonerated.

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