High Blood Alcohol Content 3rd Offense

When you are charged with a 3rd high blood alcohol OWI Offense, it is important to realize the severity of the accusations you are facing. While first and second OWI offenses result in misdemeanor charges, you could face felony criminal conviction for a third offense and the likelihood of maximum punishment increases if you are facing a high BAC charge. In high blood alcohol content cases, you could face jail time, fines, driver’s license revocation, and mandatory treatment, which makes it crucial to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney throughout your drunk driving case. Grabel & Associates will work with you in your intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle case in any of Michigan’s 83 counties, and our third DUI offense attorneys will fight to protect your rights and freedoms throughout investigation and trial.

Drunk Driving Felony Lawyers Fighting High Blood Alcohol Content OWI Charges

Contact our Michigan DUI defense firm now if you have been accused of operating a motor vehicle with a super drunk BAC over 0.17% in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit or anywhere in the state of Michigan. Our lawyers have experience in OWI, DUI, DWI, OWPD, OUIL, and other intoxicated driving cases, and have dealt with repeat offender high BAC charges in the past.

We know what it takes to win in complex Michigan cases, and will do everything we can to ensure you achieve the most favorable result possible. As soon as you are pulled over for a high blood alcohol content DUI, you should contact a lawyer, and if you have already been charged with a felony OWI, it is vital that you contact Grabel & Associates immediately to begin working in your time sensitive criminal case.

A Third Drunk Driving Charge in Michigan

Operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level over 0.08% is a criminal offense, however high BAC charges occur in cases where the defendant was driving with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. Enhanced penalty guidelines apply in first offense super drunk cases, however repeat offender high BAC charges will be punished as other OWI charges, with extended jail time, increased fines, and additional treatment possible.

Contact our Michigan DUI defense firm now to defend against felony drunk driving conviction, and fight to avoid wrongful conviction or excessive penalties. Our lawyers understand OWI and high BAC laws and can help you properly protect your rights and freedom. You could lose the ability to drive and face years in jail if convicted of a serious felony charge, so contact an attorney right away to ensure you do everything you can to avoid conviction.

Criminal Penalties for Super Drunk DUI 3rd Offense in Michigan

The Michigan Vehicle Code explains the penalties associated with OWI and high BAC charges in Michigan, and our attorneys will defend you if you are facing any Michigan drunk driving charge. In felony OWI cases, you could face a prison term of between one and five years, or a jail term along with community service.

You could also be forced to pay as much as $5,000 in fines, and additional driver responsibility fees later on. You will receive 6 driver’s license points and have your driving privileges revoked for 5 years or more, at which point you can attempt to win back your license at a DAAD hearing.

Our lawyers will work to protect your driving privileges and ensure you are set up for DAAD hearing success if your license is revoked, as we have experience representing clients in Michigan driver’s license hearings and know what it takes to get back on the road. You could also lose your vehicle, as it will be immobilized or forfeited after conviction, and you may have to pay to install an ignition interlock device if you ever drive again. If you are facing high BAC charges, you could be punished to the fullest extent and face all of these severe penalties along with mandatory alcohol treatment and other administrative punishment. Contact a lawyer now and protect yourself from life changing penalties.

Our Approach to High BAC OWI Charges

Our lawyers want to help you earn the best possible result in your Michigan OWI case, and will investigate every detail leading up to your arrest and charges to ensure no aspect of your case is overlooked. We have experience in difficult DUI and OWI cases, and we know what it takes to win in super drunk DUI cases. Our lawyers are familiar with chemical testing, chain of custody, search and seizure rights, and other factors that can influence high BAC cases, and will work to secure an acquittal, case dismissal, reduced charge, or reduced sentence in your OWI case.

Our criminal defense strategies have been proven in courts statewide, and for over a decade Grabel & Associates has been fighting for the rights of Michigan’s accused in criminal cases. Obtain a skilled attorney now who can properly represent you throughout your struggle for justice. Our top-tier lawyers are available immediately to begin working with you to develop an individualized criminal defense approach.

Contact Scott Grabel for Operating While Intoxicated Defense in MI

Grabel & Associates is available 24/7 at our toll free number, 1-800-342-7896 or online on our contact page. Ask to set up a free case consultation with highly acclaimed trial lawyer Scott Grabel, or call now to speak with an experienced analyst. Our team of OWI defense lawyers will utilize innovative and effective defense strategies to help you defend against aggressive police and prosecutors who will attempt to convict you of felony drunk driving charges.

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