Sex Offender Registration

Enacted in 1996, the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA) requires that individuals convicted of certain sex crimes report their current contact information to the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR). The PSOR also maintains photos of all registered offenders. The law is meant to ensure that the public has knowledge of the location of sex offenders who may be a danger to the community. However, the Act has devastating consequences for all convicted sex offenders. Listing in the registry creates a social stigma, and can lead to harassment from the public.

Conviction of many types of offenses can lead to registration. These include child sexual abuse, indecent exposure, kidnapping of a minor, solicitation of prostitution, pandering, criminal sexual conduct and sexual assault. However, the circumstances of each case vary, and registration is not necessarily required in every instance. Regardless of whether you are convicted of a sex offense, an experienced attorney can explore all your options to keep your name off the PSOR.

Registration has far-reaching effects. Registration is required for a minimum of 10 years for certain youth offenders, 25 years in most instances, and for life for some serious offenses. Registration can impact your ability to move and live where you want to, can harm employment opportunities, can disqualify you from student loans, and make you ineligible for enrollment at some schools.

Offenders convicted of felonies must register every three months, and those convicted of misdemeanor offenses must register yearly. An offender who moves—even to another state—must re-register. The failure to comply with registration requirements has additional consequences. Failure to register or to notify the registry of an address change is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. Periodic law enforcement initiatives meant to ensure compliance with the SORA result in dozens of arrests every year of individuals who have not met their compliance obligations.

The experienced Michigan sex crime attorneys at Grabel & Associates will work hard to keep your name off the PSOR, no matter what you have been charged with. If you have been registered, you may have options to get your name off the list, or may have questions about compliance with the SORA. We understand that sex offender registration issues are sensitive and serious. Contact us today at (800) 342-7896 for a confidential consultation.