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Drug Defense Attorneys Defending Against Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Ingham County and Throughout MI

Anyone who has been charged with a drug crime in Lansing, Michigan, should contact the drug crimes lawyers at Grabel & Associates as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys are ready to defend you after accusations of narcotics possession, drug cultivation, manufacturing illegal substances, drug dealing, or trafficking drugs. From possession of marijuana to severe drug house or drug trafficking charges, our skilled criminal defense attorneys in Lansing will aggressively defend you and fight back against police and prosecutors who will be trying to convict you.

If you are found guilty of a criminal drug charge, you could face extremely serious criminal penalties. Michigan courts take drug crimes very seriously, and without a competent lawyer, you could be wrongfully convicted or sentenced to excessive punishment. Drug crime penalties are dependent on the narcotic possessed, amount in question, and other details of the case, and it is critical to work with a Lansing defense lawyer who understands the legal issues that could affect your results.

Marijuana Cocaine Heroin LSD Ecstasy Possession Defense in Lansing, MI

If you are accused of possession of an illegal drug in Michigan, Grabel & Associates can help you protect your rights and fight back against severe penalties that may be enforced in Lansing courts. Our attorneys have worked in possession cases involving the following drugs and more:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Hallucinogenic Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Methamphetamines

No matter what drug crime allegations you or your loved one is facing, our team of attorneys will aggressively defend you in any Ingham County court. Our statewide defense lawyers know the strategies that can be effective in drug crime cases, and are ready to stand with you against overzealous police and prosecutors.

Accused of Dealing Drugs or Drug Distribution Charge in Lansing, MI

If you have been charged with possession with intent to deliver, selling or delivering drugs, or drug trafficking, you could potentially face fines, jail time, community service, mandatory drug rehabilitation, a criminal record, and more. Grabel & Associates has experience representing clients who have been charged with selling drugs in Lansing, and we know how to help you protect against criminal penalties. Contact our drug crime defense lawyers now for premier representation throughout your case.

Drug Cultivation or Manufacture Charge in Lansing and Ingham County

Some of the most serious criminal penalties are reserved for those who grow, cultivate, make, or manufacture illegal narcotics. Our attorneys understand how harsh the punishment you may be facing is, and will work to provide you with comprehensive criminal defense representation throughout investigation and a potential trial. Contact Grabel & Associates now if you are facing serious criminal accusations.

Our Approach to Drug Crime Charges in Lansing

Grabel & Associates is a firm committed to criminal defense. Our lawyers know how a drug crime charge could affect your future, and understand the laws and legal issues that could play a role in your case. We understand how to protect you from rights violations, wrongful conviction, or excessive criminal charges, and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Our Lansing drug crime defense law firm will objectively defend you or your loved one after a narcotics charge, and help you understand how the drug possessed, amount of drugs you allegedly had, proximity to a school or community center, and other details of your situation could affect your case outcome. We can advise you throughout your fight for justice so that you are able to ensure you have done everything you can to guard against life-changing punishment. Contact our team right away to begin working with a highly acclaimed defense firm with years of experience fighting drug charges in MI.

Our firm is always available for clients and will answer any questions you may have about your case right now. Contact Grabel & Associates for a free case consultation, and take a stand against excessive penalties and damaging allegations.

Contact Lansing’s Drugs Crime Defense Firm

Call now, toll free at 1-800-342-7896 for a free initial consultation, or reach our firm online using the contact form. Ask to speak with attorney Scott Grabel, who has over a decade of Michigan criminal defense experience. Don’t hesitate to contact a legal representative, as certain cases can be time sensitive. We are available 24/7 to begin working with you anywhere in Lansing, Ingham County, or statewide.

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