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Possession with Intent to Sell/Deliver Meth Lawyer in Lansing

Above almost all other drugs, Methamphetamine (meth) use is the one that will bring about the most extreme reactions. A cheap drug, it has proliferated across the country and authorities vigorously search for users and dealers alike. It is capable of quickly addicting users and is one of the most dangerous drugs in the nation. It is important that the spread of this substance is limited and rolled back, but we should not overlook the rights of those accused or convicted of using it.

You will need an attorney if you are accused of meth use or possession. Drug crimes can inflate emotions and undeserving punishment can be doled out by a vindictive prosecution. Successfully navigating a drug crime case requires the experience to build a good case in your defense and execute that defense in court. Contact the dug crime attorneys of Grabel & Associates right now.

Meth is classified as a Schedule II drug in the state of Michigan, which ranks it with cocaine and Adderall in terms of severity. Both the production and the use of this drug are dangerous. Often created in ad hoc “meth labs” in houses, barns, mobile homes, and other private, enclosed spaces, the gasses involved are highly volatile. Meth is sometimes referred to as crystal meth, ice, crank, glass, or chalk. In the long term, it can induce hallucinations or paranoia, leading to possibly dangerous behavior from the addicted.

You may not even have involved yourself with meth and are still looking at charges. Lansing has taken a strong stance against meth production and the state of Michigan has passed a series of laws that attack every stage of its creation. As meth is usually a cocktail of various chemicals and medicines, states have enacted many laws regarding pharmacies in an attempt to curb people from getting the chemicals needed to make meth. For instance, providing a false name to your pharmacist is punishable under controlled substance charges (6.7)(b)(3). Buying Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine from an unauthorized source, that being someone without a medical of pharmaceutical license, is also punishable.

Indeed, the state goes above and beyond to cordon off the spread of this drug. There is legislation in the state of Michigan that goes after meth possession in “parks” in particular. All of this is to say that meth possession charges are connected to many other laws you may not be aware of or may not have actually broken. Your case needs care and expertise in its handling. We highly urge you, if you have been accused of any meth related crimes, contact Grabel & Associates immediately.

Punishments for Meth Possession

The Michigan Penal Code takes meth very seriously. If you are found using meth, it is a misdemeanor charge that carries a one year of jail sentence and a potential $2,000 fine. Possession of meth, regardless of amount, is a felony. These charges can lead to a $15,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. However, if the prosecution has the opportunity, there is a chance they will push those charges up to a possession with intent to deliver charge.

This is a far more serious offense. As the name suggests, it assumes you had the drugs on your person with the intent to sell them for profit to others. Whether these charges can stick depend on how much meth you possessed, where it was, and in what circumstances it was found. Possession with intent to deliver can result in a fine of upto $25,000 and put you behind bars for 20 years. Additionally, if the authorities believe that you are cooking meth on any properties you own, they can seize that property.

One of the most serious consequences of these charges occurs you have children. If the authorities feel that your children were present in a home during meth production, they can have them removed from your care via Child Protective Services. The toxic atmosphere created by meth production is dangerous for any human being, especially children. On these grounds, the state can determine that you are unfit to care for them.

However, the tools the prosecution has at its disposal are not limited to this list. If you are convicted of meth possession or possession with intent, the court will consider your prior criminal history and outside factors. For instance, the presence of firearms or other narcotics can increase the charges. The court can argue that the presence of weapons and other drugs can indicate a larger drug company and argue for a correlative severe punishment. The amount of meth you were caught with is considered at this stage as well. If you had around 50 grams, you may receive a penalty from the low end of the spectrum. However, as that amount increases, so does your sentence.

Contact Grabel & Associates

Whether you have just been arrested or your case has already begun, call us now. There is room to fight an unjust possession with intent charge at every single step. Our experienced attorneys will fight on your behalf, utilizing every element of your case to build a solid defense. Call Grabel & Associates right now at 1-800-342-7896. Our free consultation will allow you to get information on your defense right away.

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