Internet sex crimes

The realm of Internet sex crimes is a new frontier for law enforcement and the court system. Cases involving the Internet and other new technologies present unique challenges for a criminal defendant. If you are under investigation for any alleged inappropriate sexual conduct involving the internet, it is important that you immediately contact a defense attorney experienced in these matters.

Solicitation of minors is a common charge associated with the Internet, and can be based on interactions through websites such as Craigslist or Internet chat rooms. These cases typically involve a law enforcement “sting,” where an unsuspecting individual is chatting not with another person, but with a law enforcement officer. These cases involve strict scrutiny of law enforcement conduct and often involve entrapment defenses. Other defenses can be present, such as where another individual “logged in” as you or used your wireless Internet signal without your knowledge.

Another common Internet sex crime involves child pornography. These cases also involve scrutiny of law enforcement efforts, and often involve defendants who came across the offensive material accidentally. Because of the sensitive nature of these cases, prosecutors often pursue them aggressively.

Internet sex crimes can involve federal law enforcement as well as local, and your case could end up in federal court. Internet sex crimes also commonly involve a string of evidence that may appear damning to the defendant. However, technological evidence is not bulletproof and a thorough investigation can often lead to new defenses.

At Grabel & Associates, we have extensive experience representing individuals charged with a variety of technology-related sex crimes. We understand the unique evidentiary issues presented by new technologies and have substantial experience defending individuals in federal court. We also understand the sensitive nature of these charges and the potential they have to disrupt your personal and professional life. If you are under investigation or have been arrested for any Internet sex crime, call us today at (800) 342-7896 for a confidential consultation.

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