Prescription Drug Offenses

Prescription drug cases do not seem to many people like other drug cases. They do not typically involve violence and are considered by some to be “victimless” crimes. However, prescription drug offenses are treated seriously in the criminal justice system. Drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin and methadone are Schedule 3 controlled substances and their use and sale is strictly regulated.

Prescription drug cases often involve different issues than other drug cases because prescription drugs are usually obtained illegally in different ways than “street” drugs. Prescription drugs are illegally obtained in many ways: by theft from pharmacies; by forging prescriptions or stealing prescription notepads; by doctor-shopping (seeking the same prescription from a number of different doctors); or the drugs may be simply stolen or purchased from an individual who is licensed to possess the drugs. Internet pharmacies present a new frontier in law enforcement efforts to enforce prescription drug laws.

Unlawful possession of prescription drugs is generally treated as a felony and can be enhanced to even more serious charges depending on the amounts of drugs or other evidence of an intent to deliver or traffic. In addition, other crimes can be charged in relation to prescription drug offenses, including forgery, theft, and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Because of the related offenses often involved in prescription drug cases, unique evidentiary issues can arise that require the insight of an experienced defense attorney.

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