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Selling or buying of children is a serious federal sex offense that can lead to up to life behind bars. Anyone who is accused of selling or buying children should get in touch with an experienced federal defense attorney as soon as possible and start fighting for justice. Contact our skilled attorneys now and learn more about how we can protect you as you battle back against life-altering penalties.

Human Trafficking Lawyers

While there are many offenses that deal with selling and buying children in other contexts, such as unlawful surrogacy and adoption, in this particular context the law covers only selling and buying of children for the commission of sex crimes. If you are accused of such a serious felony offense, you need to work with an experienced human trafficking lawyer who knows what it takes to defend clients in federal sex crime cases. We understand the effect a conviction could have on your life, as well as the pressure you are already facing as you battle charges. For over 15 years we have been protecting clients throughout Michigan in federal cases, and we know what it takes to defend you both inside and outside of the courtroom. Call our toll free hotline now or contact us online to learn more about our defense team and proven process.

Trial lawyer Scott Grabel founded our firm over 15 years ago and has established a reputation as a leader in Michigan federal defense. Along with our federal sex crimes lawyers, he works to deliver great results in a broad variety of criminal cases, including sex offense cases. Don’t wait to get in touch with our team – start building your defense now beginning with a free initial case consultation. We are ready to begin fighting for you or your loved one immediately.

18 U.S.C. 2251A: Selling or Buying of Children in Michigan

According to federal sex crime legislation, selling or buying children is a serious felony. You can be charged with selling or buying children if you are a parent, legal guardian, or otherwise in custody and if you then transfer control or custody of the child with knowledge that he or she will engage in sexually explicit activity, or be involved in sexually explicit materials. It is similarly an offense to transfer custody or control with intent to promote the engaging in sexually explicit conduct or intent to promote rendering assistance by the minor to engage in explicit conduct.

Those on either side of the alleged transaction can face serious penalties. If you purchase or offer to purchase a child for the above purposes, you can similarly face felony conviction. The penalties for selling or buying minors are extremely serious. Contact a lawyer now to learn more about how we can protect you or your loved one as you face false accusations or serious criminal penalties.

Penalties for Selling or Buying Children in Michigan

The federal penalties for selling or buying children are serious, and can include a harsh fine, between 30 years and life behind bars, lifetime sex offender registration and more. Always work with an attorney as early on in your case as possible so that you are prepared to fight to prove your innocence and protect your reputation. Don’t let false allegations change the course of the rest of your life. Contact the federal defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates now and learn more about the steps you need to be taking now to be successful in your case.

Our Approach to Federal Sex Crime Charges in Michigan

Our attorneys are committed to doing whatever it takes to protect Michigan’s wrongly accused, and if you or your loved one is facing allegations of buying or selling minors, you need to fight back with an attorney who is committed to protecting you right away. Starting with a free initial case consultation, our trial lawyers will be continuously committed to defending your best interests throughout every stage of your case, and will give you the knowledge and information needed to get the best possible result. Our aggressive defense approach works, as evidenced by our proven results, and no matter how complex your case might be, our lawyers are committed to putting in the tough work necessary to protect your freedom.

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