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Have you been arrested in Ludington on charges of Michigan drunk driving? Are you under investigation for theft? Have police charged you with distribution of drugs in Mason County, Michigan?

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for any crime in Mason County, Michigan, you need an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer.

The attorneys at Grabel & Associates have over 100 years combined experience representing people charged with crimes in Mason County and throughout the state of Michigan. We understand both the legal implications and the personal impact of being under investigation and arrested for a crime.

Once you contact our criminal defense attorneys we will begin preparing your defense and doing what it takes to get your life back.

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The attorneys at Grabel & Associates have been providing high quality criminal defense in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Theft and property crimes: We provide experienced and aggressive defense for people charged with petty theft, burglary, robbery or any other theft crime in Michigan.

  • Juvenile crimes: Our firm understands the importance of keeping juvenile matters out of adult court and off your teenager’s permanent record.

  • Weapons charges: We will put together a compelling defense for you. Many times a simple explanation such as showing the gun was used for hunting or was inoperable can lead to charges being dropped.

  • DUI/OUI offenses: The team at Grabel & Associates is well–known throughout Michigan as one of the most prominent DUI defense firms. We have successfully gotten charges stemming from all types of drunk driving offenses reduced or eliminated and have a 97% rate of getting driver's licenses reinstated.

  • Domestic violence: A domestic violence charge can carry a stigma that will last for the rest of your life. We will fight aggressively to keep the charges off your record and keep you out of jail.

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We also provide post–conviction services. If you already have a conviction on our record, our criminal appeals attorneys can help.

Mason County Criminal Court Information

The Mason County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all criminal cases involving felonies or high court misdemeanors. The circuit court also hears cases appealed from the district court.

The Mason County 79th District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal offenses (where the potential penalty is less than a year in jail).

The Circuit Court and the 79th District Court is located in Ludington at:

Mason County Courthouse
304 E. Ludington Ave.
Ludington, Michigan 49431

The experienced lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully represented numerous clients throughout the Mason County criminal court system.

Our advocacy doesn’t end at sentencing.

Conditions of parole and probation can be confusing. Many times people get charged with violations and they don’t even know what they’ve done wrong. The problem is, one wrong move and you can be back in jail.

Our lawyers will work with you to ensure you understand the terms of your probation and parole. We will also provide a vigorous defense if charged with any probation or parole violation.

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