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If you or someone you love is involved in a federal criminal case, you want Michigan’s brightest legal minds fighting for you. A guilty verdict can seriously harm your future and potentially even make it difficult to obtain housing and employment for life. Depending on the details of your crime, it may also put you at risk for registration as a sex offender. If you want to avoid these life-altering consequences, you should reach out to Grabel & Associates as soon as possible. Our team of skilled federal sex crimes attorneys has over 15 years of experience battling for Michigan’s wrongfully accused and is ready to step in at any stage of your case. We value your future above all, and are willing to do everything in our power to give you a fair shot at justice. We know what it takes to be successful in your federal criminal case, and will devote the necessary time and energy to thoroughly develop your defense. If you’re facing charges or suspect you may be under investigation, don’t waste another minute. Call our team today to learn more about what Grabel & Associates can do for you or contact us online.

18 U.S. Code § 2423 – Understanding What the Law Says Regarding the Transportation of Minors

If you want to be successful in your case, you need an attorney that has a firm grasp on the relevant laws. He or she will walk you through the information that is relevant in your case, equipping you to make wise decisions that will positively impact your future. Transportation of minors is a complicated charge, because there are several different variations of the crime. The first is transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. This crime involves an individual knowingly transporting a minor in any U.S. territory with the intent that the child will engage in prostitution or any other sexual activity that is considered a criminal offense. The second is travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct. This is when a person travels in the United States, or a United States citizen travels in foreign commerce, and engages in any illicit sexual conduct with another person. You can also be charged for attempt and conspiracy or facilitation of the travel of someone engaging in illicit sexual conduct. Illicit sexual conduct is a sexual act with an individual under the age of 18. The legal definition also includes commercial sex acts and production of child pornography.

The Penalties for Transportation of Minors

Because transportation of minor charges cover a variety of crimes, the details of your unique case will have a significant impact on your punishment. Potential penalties may include fines, jail time, or both. You’ll need a seasoned defense attorney representing you if you want to receive a favorable outcome in your case. Crimes involving minors are serious, and the United States punishes the guilty harshly. If you’re facing accusations, connect with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your future.

If you’re involved in transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, you may face a fine and prison for a minimum of 10 years. If you’re charged with travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, you could potentially be punished with a fine, prison for not more than 30 years, or both. If you knowingly aid the travel of an individual engaged in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, you might face a fine, imprisonment for not more than 30 years, or both.

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