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For obvious reasons, some of the most sensitive sex crime cases are those involving children, such as sex trafficking of children. Under federal law, alleged sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion is grouped in with child sex trafficking, and anyone facing accusations for any of these offenses can face the same serious potential penalties. If you or your loved one has been accused of a federal sex trafficking offense of any kind, it is essential that you begin working with a skilled federal sex crimes defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of experienced trial defenders is ready to begin delivering top-notch legal strategy and case guidance as you proceed through the many complex stages of a federal sex crime case, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to defend your rights and your freedom as you battle to prove your innocence. With so much potentially on the line, why wait? Contact our skilled trial attorneys now to begin fighting for justice in your unique case online.

Trafficking by Force, Fraud, or Coercion

Our lawyers are available to begin working with you 24/7 because we know how time sensitive sex crime cases can be. As soon as you are questioned or if you have already been charged with a crime, you should already be working with a lawyer who knows what you need to do to protect yourself. Our attorneys are respected statewide because we deliver exceptional legal service to clients facing even the toughest felony charges in federal court. We will prepare you for dealing with federal agents and the U.S. attorney, and make sure every action you take serves your best interests. Contact our firm now at 1-800-342-7896 and learn more about our proven approach to federal sex crime defense. Get a top criminal defense lawyer in Michigan on your side and beat federal charges now.

Sex Trafficking Children Laws in the United States

According to federal law, sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion is a serious felony that can lead to fines, jail time, sex offender registration, and other harsh penalties. If you are wrongfully convicted of sex trafficking, you could lose your freedom for the rest of your life.

According to Section 1591 of the U.S. Code, it is illegal to recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide, obtain, advertise, maintain, patronize, or solicit a person in affecting interstate of foreign commerce, or within the special jurisdiction of the United States. It is also illegal to benefit from someone else performing these actions. In order to be charged with the enhanced penalties under this section rather than other trafficking offenses, you must utilize force, threats, fraud, or coercion, or be involved in an offense with an alleged victim under the age of 18.

What this means is if you are accused of being at all involved in a sex trafficking offense, you can face the same serious penalties as the perpetrator. Even if you know you are innocent, it is critical that you take these charges very seriously and get in touch with a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. We know what it takes to win and will do everything we can to protect you.

Criminal Penalties for Sex Trafficking Children or by Force/Fraud/Coercion

If you are convicted of sex trafficking under this section of the law, you can face serious penalties. If the alleged victim is under 14, you could face up to life behind bars, with a minimum of 15 years. If the victim is under 18, you could face 10 years to life behind bars. Interfering with the enforcement of these laws can lead to up to 20 years behind bars. Additionally, fines, sex offender registration, and other penalties are always on the line for federal sex crime offenses.

Our Approach to Sex Trafficking Defense

Sex crime cases are extremely complex and often involve sensitive issues. We will be sure to protect your freedom and reputation throughout the process and are committed to doing all we can to defense you as you battle for justice. Contact our firm now for a free initial case consultation and let us begin walking you through the steps you need to take to be successful in your case.

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