Carjacking is an extremely serious criminal charge, regardless of the details of the carjacking case. If you steal an empty car, you will often be subject to charges of joyriding, grand theft auto, or UDAA. Forcing occupants out of a car in order to steal it, however, results in much more serious criminal charges. According to Michigan law, a weapon does not necessarily need to be involved for carjacking charges to be laid. Force, violence, or a threat of either force or violence could lead to criminal carjacking charges that carry severe punishment. Grabel & Associates represents Michigan clients accused of carjacking and consistently achieves impressive results.

Michigan Criminal Carjacking Case

If you are facing any auto theft charge, you need a skilled lawyer with experience fighting Michigan carjacking charges. You do not have to steal an occupied vehicle to be charged with carjacking, and police and prosecutors will look for every possible way to turn an auto theft or joyriding charge into a charge of carjacking. If you steal an unoccupied vehicle and the owner chases after you, or you are involved in any sort of struggle with another person while stealing the vehicle, you are subject to a carjacking charge and sentence and will need a lawyer. Grand theft auto charges can easily turn into carjacking charges, and you will want a premier Michigan defense lawyer on your side to protect you from amplified sentences and fight to earn your freedom.

Carjacking Charge and Kidnapping in Michigan

If you inadvertently drive off in someone else's vehicle with people in the car, for example sleeping children, you could face not only charges of carjacking but simultaneous kidnapping charges. Kidnapping charges could result in a felony conviction and a penalty of up to life imprisonment along with fines of up to $50,000, according to the Michigan Penal Code (750.349). Grabel & Associates can protect you from enhanced sentences and multiple charges using dynamic defense tactics that have been proven in Michigan courts. Don't let police and prosecutors turn a carjacking charge into something even more serious, contact a criminal defense lawyer now.

Criminal Penalties for Carjacking in Michigan

According to Section 750.529a of the Michigan Penal Code, carjacking occurs when a person uses force, violence, threats of force or violence, or fear against any operator, passenger, or person in lawful possession of a motor vehicle during the theft of that motor vehicle. If a person is found guilty of carjacking, he or she is subject to a felony criminal conviction and a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Carjacking With or Without Weapon in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Throughout Michigan

Additionally, carjacking charges often include a police chase, many times involving reckless speeds. These chases can amplify the minimum sentences that judges will hand out to carjacking offenders, and you will most likely face at least 10 years in prison. If you want to avoid harsh criminal punishment, obtain a lawyer by calling Grabel & Associates now.

Our Approach to Michigan Carjacking Charges

Carjacking charges demand the legal representation of an experienced Michigan lawyer. We can explore every possible legal option, whether you plead down to a lesser charge such as grand theft auto, or pursue a complete case dismissal. If you have been charged as an accomplice in a Michigan carjacking case, a lawyer can help you prove your limited involvement and earn you a great outcome.

We are dedicated to criminal defense, and our firm practices only Michigan criminal defense. You need a lawyer who has experience in cases similar to yours, and our attorneys provide knowledge that has been gained through defending thousands of criminal cases. We have been practicing Michigan criminal defense for over a decade, and our team combines for over 100 years of legal experience.

Our focus on consistently earning impressive results has been proven in Michigan criminal courts, and we have earned a reputation as a first-rate Michigan law firm. Don't risk your result by hiring a lawyer with little or no experience fighting carjacking charges, call Grabel & Associates and obtain the best lawyer possible.

Proven Success in Michigan Carjacking Defense

Our lawyers have successfully defended countless clients in a multitude of criminal cases. Our proven results show that we know how to win the toughest cases, and you can be confident that we will utilize our innovative criminal defense strategies to get you the result you want. Grabel & Associates is recognized as one of Michigan's top criminal defense firms, and we guarantee impressive results for carjacking charges in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and anywhere else in the state of Michigan.

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