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Providing aggressive criminal defense for individuals facing drunk driving, drug and theft crimes throughout Van Buren County and all of Michigan.

If you have been arrested on any Michigan criminal charges, its important to contact an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney immediately.


Remember—if the police are knocking at your door they’re not there to be your friend. They are looking for evidence that may be used against you.

Your future and your freedom depend on getting the right criminal defense team on your side. The aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates are that team. With over 100 combined years of experience, we are dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life with all types of criminal charges.

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We have a proven track record of success of obtaining optimum results for clients charged with crimes including:

  • Drunk driving: Many defenses exist to drunk driving charges. The stop may be illegal, chemical tests flawed, or field sobriety tests inaccurate. Talk to our drunk driving defense team so we can start fighting back.
  • Drug charges: Our goal as drug charge defense lawyers is to get charges dismissed and keep you out of jail. We have successfully helped numerous clients avoid charges and maintain their freedom.
  • Sex crimes: We understand the stigma attached to sex crimes and the potentially life long impact of having your name listed on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. Our sex crimes defense team is dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to successfully defend and beat the charges against you.
  • Theft crimes: When clients are charged with theft, grand theft, burglary, robbery or embezzlement the first thing our defense lawyers will do is begin a detailed investigation into all the circumstances of the alleged event. With in-depth research, we have been able to get charges reduced, eliminated and not even filed.
  • Violent crimes: The attorney you choose to defend you against homicide, murder, weapons charges and other violent crimes can and will make a difference. At Grabel & Associates, our knowledge of the procedures used by different prosecutors throughout the state allows us to prepare the most effective criminal defense for each defendant in each jurisdiction.

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Van Buren County Criminal Court Information

Van Buren County Criminal matters are heard in the Circuit Court, the 7th District Court East and the 7th District Court West. The district court is the first level of court for all criminal matters. The district court handles misdemeanors from arraignment through trials, and felony matters through preliminary examination. The circuit court has jurisdiction over matters bound over from district court.

The Circuit Court and the District Court East are located in Paw Paw, Michigan, at:

212 Paw Paw Street
Paw Paw, Michigan 49079
Phone: (269) 657-8218 (Circuit Court)
Phone: (269) 657-8222 (District Court)

The District Court West is located in South Haven, Michigan, at:

1007 E Wells Street
South Haven, Michigan 49090
Phone: (269) 657-8218

The criminal trial lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully helped numerous clients facing charges in the Van Buren County court system and throughout the state of Michigan.

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