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Criminal Defense Attorneys in St. Joseph County Michigan

If you’re facing criminal charges in St. Joseph County, Michigan, you may wonder about your next steps. You may be concerned about your future, your freedom and your family.

Grabel & Associates criminal defense lawyers have over 100 years experience helping clients from St. Joseph County and throughout Michigan facing all types of criminal offenses.

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Under the leadership of criminal trial attorney Scott Grabel, we have achieved a long history of proven success and have earned a reputation statewide as the firm to call when if you have been arrested or charged with any crime such as:

  • Michigan Drunk Driving: We will fight any DUI/OUI charges and work to keep your driving privileges. For clients trying to get their driver's licenses reinstated, we have over a 97% success rate and driver's license review hearings.
  • Michigan Drug Offenses: Our drug defense lawyers strive to avoid conviction and keep you out of jail. No matter how bad things look, we have a long record of helping our clients retain their freedom. When a conviction is unavoidable, we seek alternatives to jail such as:
    • Probation
    • Drug rehab programs
    • Deferred sentences
    • Community service
    • House arrest
    • Work release

We Fight To Keep You Working And With Your Family

  • Michigan Sex Crimes: We understand how damaging sex crimes allegations can be to your reputation and the impact on your future. By contacting our sex crimes defense lawyers immediately, we will do what it takes to challenge the evidence and protect your future.
  • Michigan Violent Crimes: Make no mistake, the lawyer you choose can make a difference in the outcome of your case. When faced with Michigan’s most serious felony charges such as homicide/murder, felony firearm possession or gang violence, you need the aggressive violent crimes defense lawyers from Grabel & Associates, one the very few law firms in Michigan dedicated exclusively to criminal defense.


St. Joseph County Criminal Court Information

St. Joseph County criminal matters are heard either in the 3B District Court or the 45th Judicial Circuit Court. All criminal cases start in the district court including misdemeanor and felony charges. After preliminary examination, the circuit court handles serious misdemeanors (where potential punishment exceeds one year in jail) and felony matters bound over for trial. Both courts are located in Centreville, Michigan.

The 3B District Court address is:

3B District Court
125 W. Main Street
Centreville, Michigan 49032
Phone: (269) 467-5627

The 45th Judicial Circuit Court address is:

Circuit Court
125 W. Main St.
Centreville, Michigan 49032
Phone: (269) 467-5542

Our team of criminal defense trial lawyers have successfully represented numerous clients in the St. Joseph County criminal court system and throughout Michigan.

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Is your teen in trouble?

Our juvenile crimes defense team is committed to keeping matters affecting minors out of adult court and off a child’s permanent record. Contact our law firm immediately if your child is facing criminal charges to speak with one of our compassionate juvenile defense lawyers.