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Criminal Defense Attorney in Shiawassee County Michigan

Are the police knocking at your door? Are you under investigation for a Michigan criminal offense? Do you feel like you have nowhere to turn? Turn to us. Contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates when you need seasoned criminal defense advice and representation. With over 100 combined years of experienced helping clients every step of the way—from pre-file services to appeals and probation matters—our aggressive Michigan criminal defense firm is dedicated to helping you get the best results possible in your case.

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We have a long history of proven results in all types of cases including:
  • Drunk driving offenses: Whether its your first misdemeanor DUI or you have been charged as a repeat offender, our drunk driving defense team will help you beat a DUI charge.
  • Drug charges: At Grabel & Associates, our drugs crimes defense lawyers are committed to providing you the best chance to avoid conviction and possible incarceration.
  • Sex crimes: We understand the stigma attached to sex crimes allegations and the importance of keeping your name off the sex crimes registry. Our law firm will fight to protect your reputation and your future.
  • Violent crimes: With your future and freedom at stake, we understand the importance of providing a vigorous defense and exploring every avenue to ensure you receive the best outcome possible.
  • Theft and property crimes: If you’ve been charged with a property crime such as burglary, auto theft or armed robbery, contact our theft crimes defense lawyers to discuss your case. Even if police and prosecutors say they have strong evidence against you, often defense strategies exists that can get the charges dropped or reduced.

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We also provide juvenile crimes defense. We believe that minors need special attention—protecting them early on when they first encounter the justice system can help turn around the life of a teen in trouble. To that end, we strive to keep all juvenile matters in juvenile court—out of adult court and off a minor’s record.

Shiawassee Criminal Court Information

Shiawassee criminal matters are heard in the 35th Judicial Circuit Court and the 66th District Court. The 35th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over felony criminal cases and high court misdemeanors. The district court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, from arraignment to sentencing and handles preliminary examinations in felony matters.Both courts are located in Corunna, Michigan.

The address of the 35th Circuit Court is:

Shiawassee County Courthouse
208 N. Shiawassee Street
Corunna, Michigan 48817
Phone: (989) 743-2239

The 66th District Court is located at:

Shiawassee County Courts Building
110 E. Mack Street
Corunna, Michigan 48817
Phone: (989) 743-2395


The criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have a long history of vigorously and successfully defending clients in the Shiawassee criminal court system and throughout the state of Michigan.