Sanilac County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sanilac County Michigan

The first call you should make if you’re under investigation for a Michigan crime or have been arrested is to the criminal defense hotline at 1-800-342-7896. The dedicated lawyers at Grabel & Associates are standing by and ready to help.

With over 100 combined years of experienced defending people from Sanilac County and throughout the state, our criminal defense lawyers know what it takes to provide you the best possible defense.

We have a proven record of success of "not guilty" jury verdicts, dismissals, reduced sentences and charges not even filed in all types of Michigan criminal offenses including:

  • Drunk driving: We will fight to protect your reputation and your driving privileges.
  • Drug crimes: Our drug defense team is committed to helping you avoid conviction and keeping you out of jail.
  • Sex crimes: At Grabel & Associates our sex crimes defense lawyers believe in the time worn concept that you are innocent until proven guilty no matter what the charges are. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to successfully defend and beat the charges against you.
  • Assault and violent crimes: The lawyer you choose to defend you against Michigan’s most serious crimes can make the difference between freedom and incarceration. We are confident that when you choose our criminal defense team, we will work to provide you best possible defense.
  • Theft and property crimes: Sometimes all it takes to make charges go away is a thorough investigation. With the use of forensic accounting, eyewitness examination and sophisticated research our criminal defense lawyers have been able to get charges reduced or eliminated and in some cases, not even filed.


Our juvenile justice team provides trusted representation to teens who find themselves in trouble for the first time and those who have struggled before. Our compassionate juvenile defense lawyers work to obtain the most appropriate and beneficial resolution for teens charged with crimes, always striving to keep matters in juvenile court and off a minor’s permanent record.

When you need a trusted and aggressive defense, you need Grabel & Associates.

Sanilac County Criminal Defense Information

Sanilac County criminal cases are heard in the 73rd District Court or the 24th Circuit Court. The Sanilac County District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors from arraignment to sentencing, and handles preliminary examinations in felonies as well. The 24th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over felonies and serious misdemeanor bound over from district court.

The 73rd District Court and the 24th Circuit are both located in Sandusky at:

60 West Sanilac
Sandusky, Michigan 48471
Phone: (810) 648-3250 (District Court)
Phone: (810) 648-2120 (Circuit Court)


The dedicated lawyers at Grabel & Associates have years of experience successfully representing clients in the Sanilac County court system and throughout the state of Michigan. We provide tough defense and aggressive representation for clients from all walks of life charged with all types of crimes.