Otsego County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ostego County Michigan

For more than 100 combined years, the aggressive Michigan criminal defense firm of Grabel & Associates has been providing top quality representation to clients from Ostego County and throughout the state of Michigan.

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We understand what it takes when your future and your freedom are on the line to provide you with the best possible defense. With years of experience handling all types of criminal matters from every corner of the state, our criminal defense lawyers have achieved a long record of proven results.

Our successes include all categories of crimes including:

  • Sex crimes: Our sex crimes defense lawyers have achieved several "not guilty" jury verdicts in a variety of sex crimes charges including all degrees of criminal sexual conduct.

  • Drug crimes: Our team of drug defense attorneys is focused on keeping you out of jail. We have achieved several "not guilty" verdicts as well as keeping drug charges from even being filed.

  • DUI/OUIL: The drunk driving defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have gotten Michigan drunk driving charges dismissed, helped drivers keep their driving privileges, and successfully restored licenses to those with previous driver's license revocations.

  • White-collar crimes: With our pre-file services and skilled use of forensic accounting, we have kept charges from even being filed in embezzlement and fraud cases.

  • Domestic violence: Our domestic violence team will incorporate key defense strategies such as questioning the motive and investigating all the surrounding circumstances to prepare the best defense for you.

We Fight. We Win.

For violent crimes such as murder, gang violence and weapons charges, hiring our serious crimes lawyers could make the difference between incarceration and an acquittal.

We also provide juvenile crimes counseling and representation. We understand that youthful offenders are often the most vulnerable and require care to protect their futures. Our team of juvenile advocates will fiercely protect your child's future, striving to keep charges out of adult court and off of your child's record.

Otsego County Criminal Court Information

Otsego County criminal matters are heard in the 46th Judicial Circuit Court and the 81st District Court. The 46th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all cases involving felonies and serious misdemeanors. Misdemeanors (crimes where the punishment does not exceed one year in jail) are handled in the 81st District Court. Preliminary examinations in felony cases are also handled in the district court.

The 46th Circuit Court and the 87th-A District Court are located in Gaylord, Michigan.

The address of the circuit court is:

225 W. Main Street
Gaylord, Michigan 49735

The address of the district court is:

800 Livingston Boulevard, Suite 1C
Gaylord, Michigan 49735

The accomplished criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully represented numerous individuals in the Otsego County court system and have earned a reputation as being aggressive and results-oriented litigators. We have the experience and the skills to determine the best legal strategies to use to get the best results possible.

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