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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Osceola County, Michigan

Are you under investigation for a crime and don't know where to turn? Do you know your rights if you have been charged with a crime? Do you understand when its okay to talk to law enforcement and when its better to contact a lawyer?

Contact the experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates for all your criminal defense questions and concerns.

For more than 100 combined years our aggressive team of Michigan criminal trial lawyers has been successfully representing clients from Osceola County and throughout Michigan. Not only will we provide a vigorous defense if you face any Michigan charge but we also offer "pre-file" services that protect your rights against self-incrimination.

Hiring an experienced lawyer from Grabel & Associates prior to arrest may lead to charges not being filed at all.


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If an arrest is unavoidable, our team of lawyers has a long record of proven results representing clients from all walks of life charged with all types of crimes, including:

  • Drunk Driving/DUI Defense: All Michigan drunk driving charges have the potential to severely impact your lifestyle and freedom. Penalties include a loss of driving privileges, fines, potential jail time and a social stigma. Our DUI defense team is ready to fight any DUI charges, challenging the evidence and pointing out flaws in the prosecution's case.

  • Drug Offenses: Our drug crimes defense practice focuses on providing clients in Osceola County and throughout Michigan the best possible chance to avoid conviction and possible jail time. We defend people throughout the state on drug charges and serious drug crimes including:
    • Possession of marijuana/distribution of marijuana
    • Drug cultivation and manufacturing
    • Possession of drug paraphernalia
    • Possession with intent to deliver
    • Firearm possession in connection with drug charges
    • Drug trafficking
    • Prescription drug charges

  • Violent Offenses: If charged with a violent crime such as homicide, gang violence, or weapons charges, having a skilled Michigan criminal lawyer represent you can mean the difference between a jail sentence, plea bargain or acquittal. The violent crimes defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have confidence in their ability to provide you the best possible results.


Osceola County Criminal Court Information

The Osceola County 49th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over felony criminal matters. Misdemeanors (crimes where the punishment does not exceed one year in jail) are handled in the 77th District Court. Preliminary examinations in felony cases are also handled in the district court.

The district court is located in Reed City, Michigan, at:

410 West Upton
Reed City, Michigan 49677
Phone: (231) 832-6155

The 49th Circuit Court is also located in Reed City, Michigan at:

301 West Upton
Reed City, Michigan 49677
Phone: (231) 832-3261

Juvenile matters are heard in the juvenile court located at:

410 West Upton
Reed City, Michigan 49677
Phone: (231) 832-6127

The aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have years of experience successfully representing clients in the Osceola County criminal court system and have earned a reputation as aggressive advocates on behalf of their clients.


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