Operating While Under the Influence of Alcoholic Liquor in Muskegon

Though commonly referred to as DUI, drunk driving in Muskegon is technically referred to as either OWI or OUIL. Michigan law used to have an OUIL charge written into it, which literally means Operating While Under the Influence of Liquor, though this is now referred to as Operating While Intoxicated. With so many different terms, laws, and legal issues related to drunk driving cases in Muskegon, it can be confusing just trying to figure out what charges you are facing and what the potential penalties could be if convicted. Grabel & Associates is available to help you wade through the mass of legal terminology you are facing, and to provide clear answers to any questions you may have about your case. We know what it takes to defend against criminal conviction, and are always available for clients statewide who are in need of a top-level Muskegon drunk driving lawyer.

Under the direction of trial lawyer Scott Grabel, our team has been working with clients in Muskegon County for over 10 years, and we have learned exactly what juries and judges are looking for in OUIL cases. Our experienced Muskegon attorneys are prepared to fight to defend your rights and secure your freedom throughout a Muskegon DUI investigation and potential arrest. Fight back now with Grabel & Associates to ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary criminal penalties.

Our firm is available 24/7 to begin working with clients in drunk driving cases, no matter what the specifics of your situation. While most OUIL cases rely on an unlawful blood alcohol level, it is possible to be charged even if your BAC is below the legal limit. It is critical to consult an attorney and find out more about how your unique case could be impacted by Muskegon OUIL laws. Get in touch with a lawyer now and let our team stand with you throughout your legal battle.

OUIL Charges in Muskegon

According to Michigan law, drunk driving used to be defined as operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level over 0.10%, which was referred to as OUIL, or Operating While Under the Influence of Alcoholic Liquor. This law has changed, however, and the legal limit is now 0.08%. Violating the new, lower BAC limit can lead to OWI, or Operating While Intoxicated, charges.

The penalties you could face if convicted of OWI are extremely severe, and can include jail time, fines, and a criminal record. It is extremely important that you don’t speak to police before you are able to contact a qualified attorney who has experience fighting for clients in drunk driving cases within the state of Michigan. Each of our attorneys has ample experience working in the criminal justice system, and founding attorney Scott Grabel has spent over 10 years dealing with DUI and OUIL cases. Fight back now with Grabel & Associates and protect your future, we are always available to anyone in need of legal assistance in Muskegon.

Muskegon OUIL Penalties

If you are convicted of OUIL in Michigan, you could face up to 93 days in jail, a fine of up to $500, license suspension or revocation, a criminal record, vehicle immobilization, insurance rate changes, community service, and other serious penalties. Even if your BAC is under 0.08%, you could face OWI, OUIL, or OWVI charges. Contact an attorney to find out how your case will be viewed under Michigan DUI laws. Though you may be able to find out more by reading the Michigan Vehicle Code, an attorney’s perspective is extremely valuable during the early stages of your case.

Our Approach to OUIL Defense

When you are faced with a drunk driving accusation, it is not only important to find a lawyer who understands OUIL laws, but who has experience working in your area, appearing in front of the judges you may face. Grabel & Associates has been serving the Muskegon County area for over a decade, and we are committed to providing the accused with exceptional, individualized defense throughout every stage of the criminal justice process. Contact our firm now to learn more about our proven strategies and how we can help you in your OUIL case.

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