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When you're facing criminal charges in Luce County contact the Michigan criminal defense team at Grabel & Associates. We have a proven record of getting results in even the toughest cases.

When Your Future Matters, We Deliver

For over 100 combined years, our lawyers have been providing aggressive criminal defense in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Michigan sex crime charges: We will fight to protect your future and your reputation. Our goal is to avoid any conviction and keep your name off the Public Sex Offender Registry.
  • Michigan drunk driving charges: Our attorneys will fight to get your charges reduced or eliminated and ensure you keep your driving privileges. If your license has been revoked, we will are dedicated to getting your license reinstated and getting you back on the road.
  • Michigan armed robbery/burglary: If you have been charged with any theft crime, often the key is in-depth investigation. Our lawyers use state of the art investigative and forensic techniques to reveal flaws in police evidence.
  • Violent crime: Charges such as homicide and murder require an experienced and aggressive lawyer to explore every possible defense. Lead by skilled trial attorney Scott Grabel our Luce County violent crimes team work tirelessly to provide those facing Michigan's toughest penalties the best possible results.
  • Michigan drug crimes: Even a conviction for misdemeanor drug possession can have a lasting impact on your future. The drug defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates are dedicated to keeping a conviction off your record and finding alternative punishments.

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Is your teen facing shoplifting or vandalism charges?

Our juvenile crimes team understands the many layers involved when minor-aged children are accused of crimes. We believe youthful offenders should be treated with the goal of rehabilitation. To that end, our juvenile justice advocates will fight to keep these charges out of adult court and off a child's permanent record.

Luce County Criminal Court Information

The Luce County 92d District Court handles preliminary examination in felony cases and all misdemeanors where the potential punishment is less than one year in jail including arraignment, sentencing, and setting bail. The 11th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felony matters bound over from district court.

The 92d District Court and the 11th Circuit Court are both located in Newberry at:

Luce County Government Building
407 W. Harrie Street
Newberry, Michigan 49868

The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have a proven record of success representing clients in the Luce County court system and throughout the state of Michigan.

Have you been charged with a parole or probation violation? Conditions of parole and probation can be confusing. Many times those charged with violations don't even realize they did something wrong. Unfortunately violations can send you back to jail.

Our post-conviction lawyers will fight to protect your rights and maintain your freedom.

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