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Have you been arrested on drug charges in Lenawee County? Even a minor drug possession conviction on your record can leave a lasting impact on your freedom and your future.

Contact the law firm of Grabel & Associates immediately if you are under suspicion or have been charged with any drug crime including:

  • Drug possession: Our Michigan drug defense team focuses on attacking law enforcement's probable cause and seeks to suppress any illegally obtained evidence.
  • Drug distribution and sale If you are facing charges of distribution and sale, both the state and federal government may bring cases against you. Our lawyers focus on keeping you out of jail and dismissing or reducing charges to non-federal and non-felony offenses.
  • Drug trafficking: Felony drug trafficking charges are the most serious drug sale and distribution charges—and may lead to significant jail time. It is critical to contact an experienced drug defense lawyer as soon and possible to beat the charges and protect your future.
  • Possession with intent to deliver: At Grabel & Associates, our lawyers have earned a reputation for providing aggressive, skillful and effective drug possession defense in Lenawee County and throughout Michigan.
  • Prescription Drug charges: Prescription drug charges can be complex, involving federal and state laws. We believe early intervention and in-depth investigation provides our clients the advantage they need to achieve the best results possible.

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Already have a drug conviction on your record?

We provide a full-range of post-conviction services, including federal and state appeals in all areas of criminal law including drug conviction appeals.

Lenawee County Criminal Court Information

The Lenawee County 44th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases —those cases where the potential penalty exceeds one year in jail. The Lenawee County 53rd District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal matters, as well as preliminary examinations in felony matters.

The 44th Circuit Court and the 53rd District Court is located in Adrian, at:

425 N. Main Street
Judicial Building, 1st Floor
Adrian, Michigan 49221

The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully represented clients in the Lenawee County Court system and throughout Michigan in all areas of criminal law. Our aggressive, effective and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers have achieved proven results in a wide array of criminal cases including:

When you retain our firm, our goal becomes you and providing you the best defense possible.

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