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Have Your Driving Privileges Been Suspended Because Of A DUI In Kalkaska County? Are You Worried About Losing Your License?

Contact the DUI defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates to get your driver's license restored and get your freedom back. Our Kalkaska drunk driving defense team understands that your driver's license is your lifeline—being able to drive is a necessity to connect you to school, work, your friends, and family commitments. Public transportation options are limited in Kalkaska County—you need to be able to drive.

We can help. Our experienced drivers license restoration team has a 97% success rate at DAAD review hearings of getting your license back and restoring full driving privileges.

For those charged with any Michigan DUI/OUI offense, we will challenge the stop or arrest and fight to hang on to your driving privileges.

Often the best defenses are based on law enforcement mistakes.

  • We know when its possible to suppress chemical test results.
  • We know when a stop is illegal.
  • We know when field sobriety tests are flawed.

Let Us Put Our Knowledge To Work For You

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Our Kalkaska County criminal defense law firm as a long track record of proven results in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Juvenile Crimes: We will fight to keep all offenses involving minor-aged children in family court and out of the adult criminal court system.
  • Drug Crimes: Our goal is to keep you to out of jail. Our Kalkaska County drug defense attorneys will fight to avoid a conviction and jail time, advocating for alternative punishment where possible.
  • Violent Crimes: Choose the lawyers at Grabel & Associates when your life and future are on the line. We are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients. When you select us, our goal becomes your aggressive defense.

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Kalkaska County Criminal Court Information

Hearings on all Kalkaska County crimes begin in either the district or family court. The family court has jurisdiction over most matters involving minors under the age of 17. The district court handles misdemeanor and felony matters through arraignment and preliminary examination. Felony matters bound over for trial are transferred to the circuit court. The District Court Probation Department handles misdemeanor convictions.

Felony probation and parole is handled by the Department of Corrections.

All Kalkaska County Courts are located in Grayling, at

200 W. Michigan Ave.
Grayling, Michigan 49738

For over 100 combined years, the lawyers at Grabel & Associates have been successfully representing clients facing charges in the Kalkaska County Court system and throughout Michigan.

Are You Under Investigation For A Michigan Sex Crime?

Our Kalkaska County sex crimes defense team understands the need for an immediate response to protect your rights and your reputation.

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