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For more than 100 combined years, the experienced lawyers at Grabel & Associates have been providing high quality criminal defense to clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Iosco County and across Michigan.

We bring to our clients the full range of services available to defend against criminal charges including in-depth legal research, state of the art forensic analysis, and aggressive advocacy. Because we specialize solely in criminal law, our lawyers are able to focus on the best possible strategies to achieve the optimum results for you.

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Our lawyers have obtained proven results in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Drug crimes: When people are charged with drug crimes, often the first concern is staying out of jail or prison. Our team of Michigan drug defense lawyers is well-recognized in Iosco County and throughout Michigan for keeping our clients out of prison and advocating for alternatives to jail.
  • Theft and property crime: Our skilled Michigan theft and property crime attorneys understand the successful defense strategies that may lead to get your charges dismissed or felony charges reduced to misdemeanors.
  • Federal charges: One of the more stressful scenarios a person can face is being investigated by a grand jury. Federal law enforcement and prosecutors want to find the evidence to convict you. Contact the lawyers at Grabel & Associates as soon as you come under investigation so our team can begin preparing the strongest case possible.
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence: Often the person making the emotionally charged allegations of domestic violence changes his or her mind and decides not to proceed. Unfortunately once the charge has been made it's too late. The prosecutor is the only one who can decide to drop the charges. You need an experienced domestic violence defense attorney to fight for you and protect your rights and your freedoms.

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Is Your Teen Facing Charges?

Our juvenile justice lawyers are dedicated to providing aggressive and compassionate defense to our most youthful clients. We understand the need to keep minor-aged children out of the adult court system and to ensure any potential charges stay off your child's permanent record.

Iosco County Criminal Court Information

The 81st District Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases. In general, misdemeanors are those crimes where the potential jail time is less than one year. The district court also handles preliminary hearings for felony criminal cases. The 23rd Circuit Court handles all serious misdemeanor or felony cases bound over for trial.

The 81st District court and 23rd Circuit Court are located in the Iosco County Building in Tawas City, at:

422 W. Lake Street
Tawas City, Michigan 48763

Our experienced team of lawyers are familiar with the Iosco County court system and have a proven track record of obtaining the best results possible for their clients in Iosco County and throughout Michigan.

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