Home Invasion in Ann Arbor

Entering into a home without permission is an extremely serious criminal offense, especially when other offenses are involved. Our Ann Arbor theft attorneys know how to defend against misdemeanor and felony home invasion charges, and we are prepared to begin working with you or your loved one right away. Our team is familiar with all of the different elements that can be involved in breaking and entering cases, such as additional felony charges, larceny, assault, and other case specifics, and we know what you need to do to protect yourself against false allegations and excessive potential penalties. The longer you have to prepare your defense, the more options you will have as you work to achieve your case goals, so get in touch with a trial lawyer as soon as possible. Grabel & Associates is always available to begin protecting against 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree home invasion conviction in Ann Arbor or anywhere else in Michigan.

With Scott Grabel and the rest of our highly qualified team on your side, you can confidently battle against police and prosecutors who will likely already be working to build a case against you. The penalties that will be on the line if you are accused of home invasion in Ann Arbor are very serious, and it is absolutely crucial that you do everything you can to fight back. The experienced attorneys at Grabel & Associates are committed to doing whatever it takes to protect you, and are available to begin guiding you towards a great case result.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Home Invasion in Ann Arbor

According to the laws related to home invasion in Ann Arbor, there are three degrees of the offense, each requiring different elements in order for a conviction to result. The most serious, home invasion in the 1st degree, results from cases involving breaking and entering without permission, along with intent to commit a felony, larceny, or assault inside the home, or actually committing a felony, larceny, or assault. The defendant must also have been in possession of a dangerous weapon during the offense, or the offense must have been committed while another person was lawfully present in the dwelling.

In 2nd degree cases, the law reads similarly, except the requirement for a deadly weapon or lawfully present person are removed. So, all other cases involving breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, larceny, or assault, or the commission of a felony, larceny, or assault will lead to 2nd degree home invasion charges in Ann Arbor.

3rd degree cases are still very serious, and involve breaking and entering with intent to commit a misdemeanor, as well as cases in which at any time during the commission of the offense a misdemeanor was committed. Breaking and entering in violation of probation, parole, bond, or a personal protection order can also lead to 3rd degree charges.

In all home invasion cases, the prosecution must prove that the defendant both broke into and entered a home. The legal definition of breaking in doesn’t have to involve a broken window or picked lock, however; simply opening an unlocked window or door could be classified as breaking, provided the defendant didn’t have lawful permission to be in the home. Always work with a lawyer so that you know what you need to prove throughout your case.

Criminal Penalties for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Home Invasion in Ann Arbor

If you are convicted of home invasion, you could face the following penalties as part of a criminal sentence:

For a first degree home invasion conviction, a fine of up to $5,000 along with 20 years behind bars and a felony record.

For a second degree home invasion conviction, up to 15 years behind bars along with a fine of as much as $3,000 and a felony record.

For a third degree home invasion conviction, up to 5 years behind bars, a fine of $2,000, and a felony record.

Home Invasion Defense Approach in Ann Arbor

At Grabel & Associates, our attorneys are committed to protecting the best interests of Michigan’s accused. We know what it takes to win because we have dedicated well over a decade to protecting clients statewide. Let us take over your case and begin to guide you towards a beneficial case outcome, utilizing a unique defense approach based on the specifics of your case.

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