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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Eaton County Michigan

In trouble with the law? Contact the law firm of Grabel & Associates to speak to an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney if you or loved one is under investigation, or has been arrested or charged with any Michigan crime.

Our dedicated attorneys have years of experience assisting people from Eaton County and throughout Michigan for all types of criminal activity, including misdemeanors and felonies, as well as federal and state charges.

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Using in-depth investigation, skilled research, and dedicated advocacy, our team of criminal defense attorneys have achieved proven results in Michigan drunk driving cases, sex crimes, drug charges, theft charges, and violent crimes. Examples include:

  • Michigan Domestic Abuse
    • Repeat Offense with 3 prior drunk driving convictions - No Jail Time
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
    • Father accused of improper touching - Charges Not Filed
    • Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree - Not Guilty
  • Drug Cases
    • Possession of Cocaine - Delayed Sentence, Later Dismissed
    • Possession of Marijuana - Delayed Sentence, Case Dismissed
    • Possession of Vicodin - Delayed Sentence, Case Dismissed
  • Violent Crimes
    • Negligent Homicide - Completely Dismissed
    • Domestic Assault - Charges Dismissed
  • Theft Crimes
    • Employee accused of embezzlement from work - No Charges Filed

Is your teen facing potential criminal charges? Our team of juvenile defense attorneys can help ensure your child stays out of adult court and any charges stay off your child's permanent record. We understand that kids can get in trouble and make missteps along the way to adulthood. At Grabel & Associates our lawyers are familiar with the Eaton County juvenile court system and have extensive experience working with youthful offenders to obtain appropriate sentences aimed at protecting your child's future.

If your teen has a conviction on record, we provide appeals and post-conviction legal assistance, as well as expungement and sealing of the records.

Eaton County Criminal Court Information

The Eaton County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felonies and high court misdemeanors. The Eaton County District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors punishable by one year in jail, felony arraignments and preliminary examinations.

Juvenile matters are heard in the Family Division.

The Circuit Court and District Court are both located in Lansing, at:

124 W. Michigan Avenue, #6
Lansing, Michigan 48933-1692

Individualized Representation To Maximize Results

The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have a well-deserved reputation for providing quality representation to individuals in Eaton County and throughout Michigan.

We are committed to providing you the best possible legal defense. By being selective in the cases we accept, our criminal defense team is able to focus on in-depth investigation and legal analysis aimed at obtaining the results you deserve.

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