Criminal Sentence Appeals in Muskegon

After a criminal conviction, it is possible to appeal either the guilty verdict rendered in your case, or the sentence you received. While it can be difficult to overturn a verdict, in some cases it may be easier to prove that a particular sentence is unlawfully unjust. No matter what the specific details of your case, you will need to contact an experienced post-conviction defense lawyer as soon as you can after a conviction if you want to challenge your case result. Not only is the time period you have to file an appeal limited in many cases, but the more time you give your attorney to work on your case, the better your chance at successfully appealing a decision.

It is incredibly tough to win a criminal appeal of any kind in Muskegon, and without an attorney it is near impossible. Grabel & Associates has been fighting for clients in Muskegon criminal sentence appeals for over a decade, and if anyone can help you obtain a better result, it is our highly talented team. We have extensive experience working in appellate courts, and founding attorney Scott Grabel began his career working in the Michigan Court of Appeals. We have a unique insider perspective that can help you push through the appeals process, and hopefully obtain a far more favorable outcome.

If your attorney didn’t do enough to protect you in your initial case, or if the judge or jury you faced was biased or didn’t follow the law and sentencing guidelines pertaining to your case, there may be multiple post-conviction defense options available to you. Contact Grabel & Associates now and find out more about how our team can help you improve your case result even after a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

First Steps to Appealing a Sentence

Anyone who isn’t happy with the outcome of the case may be able to file an appeal, including both the prosecution and the defendant. Normally, the court only reviews what happened during the initial case proceedings, and you won’t have the opportunity to enter anything new (unless new evidence you could not have known now exists). In state cases, you have about 3 weeks to file an appeal if you have the right to an appeal, in which case you don’t need the courts’ permission to appeal. For federal cases, you only have 10 days from when the sentence is entered.

If you miss the appeals deadline, or if you don’t have the right to an appeal, you will have to request permission from a higher court to appeal. It is very rare that this request will be granted, which is why it is critical to retain an experienced post-conviction attorney who can help you stay on top of the dates you need to know.

How to Win a Muskegon Criminal Sentence Appeal

When you appeal a case, your lawyer will prepare an appellate brief which outlines why you believe your sentence should be changed. The prosecution will also file a brief, outlining why they believe the sentence is fair. You then may have the opportunity to reply to their brief, if you find details with which you disagree. Each of these briefs must be filed within a specific amount of time.

The outcome of your appeal will largely be determined by these briefs. You need to demonstrate that the sentence you were given is against the law, that the judge didn’t properly apply sentencing guidelines, or that for other reasons the sentence is unreasonable. You need definite proof that your sentence is wrong if you want to win an appeal, and you need a lawyer who will look over every detail of your case to find specific details to cite in an appellate brief. Contact an attorney now if you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime and unjustly sentenced in Muskegon. We are always available to begin working with clients statewide.

Our Approach to Criminal Sentence Appeals in Michigan

At Grabel & Associates, we are committed to aggressively pursuing just case results for Michigan’s wrongly convicted and sentenced. We know what it takes to win an appeal, and realize how much time and effort needs to go into a successful appeal. We are prepared to do whatever we can to help you in your unique case, and have the skill and experience needed to assist you throughout the appellate process, as evidenced by our proven results.

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