Conspiracy to Distribute in Muskegon

Possessing drugs with the intent to distribute is obviously illegal, though many don’t realize simply conspiring to sell or deal drugs can result in state and federal criminal charges. Conspiracy to distribute is a felony offense, and while drug possession can be a part of the evidence, other drug or drug-dealing related materials can similarly lead to criminal investigation and arrest. If you or your loved one is facing a Muskegon drug distribution charge, conspiracy to distribute charges may also be filed simultaneously, and the maximum sentences for both stacked on top of one another can lead to decades behind bars, along with huge fines and other severe penalties.

Under the direction of dedicated trial attorney Scott Grabel, our Muskegon drug crime defense Lawyer will fight to secure you the best available result, no matter what the specifics of your case. Conspiracy to distribute charges is very serious, and often the laws surrounding drug conspiracy are not very clear. Working with an experienced defense attorney will allow you to get a better grasp on what the law is, and how Michigan-specific legal issues could affect your case. Contact our firm now for a free initial case consultation, and begin fighting back against aggressive police and prosecutors who will already be building a case against you. Grabel & Associates is available 24/7 to begin fighting for you or your loved one after a conspiracy to distribute accusation.

Conspiracy to Distribute Laws in Michigan

There are a number of different situations in which conspiracy to distribute charges can be filed. If a person possesses drugs, and has communicated with another person to distribute those drugs, he or she may be charged with conspiracy. In cases involving actual narcotics, possession or possession with intent charges are also possible. Conspiracy to distribute charges may likewise result in cases where a person is charged with drug possession in the state of Michigan, and faces federal conspiracy charges.

If a person actually distributes drugs, conspiring to distribute charges can still result. If you are the person who actually sold or delivered the drugs you might face both charges at the same time, while other people involved in conspiring to commit a drug distribution offense could face state or federal conspiracy charges.

In addition, anyone in contact with money, weapons, or drug paraphernalia, can face drug conspiracy charges. The specific laws that you will deal with in your case will vary greatly, so it is critical that you contact an experienced defense lawyer and find out more about your specific situation.

Penalties for Muskegon Criminal Conspiracy – Drug Crime Defense Attorney

If convicted of conspiracy to distribute, it is likely you could face up to life in prison and fines of up to a million dollars or more, but this varies greatly depending on the type of drug and amounts involved, as well as if you are facing multiple charges or just conspiracy to distribute. If you are charged with federal drug conspiracy, the maximum you could face is 30 years, along with any potential sentence for simultaneous offenses.

In order to convict you, the prosecution needs to prove that a mutual agreement or conspiracy to accomplish an unlawful goal was made between two or more individuals in some manner, and that the alleged offender willingly agreed. In addition, it must be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that at least one member of the conspiring persons willfully committed an illegal action, and that the action was related in some way to the conspiracy.

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Our Tactic to Conspiracy to Distribute Charges

As soon as you are accused of involvement in a conspiracy, you need to get in touch with a defense lawyer who can help you fight a drug crime charge. Our lawyers are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you overcome the difficult situation you are in, and our proven results show that our strategies are effective in drug crime cases. Our Muskegon drug conspiracy defense lawyers will develop a unique defense approach based on the specific charges and legal issues that are involved in your case, and are dedicated to always being available to protect you.

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