Chapter 750. Act 328 of 1931 - Michigan Legislature

Sex Crimes:

750.520b Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree; felony; consecutive terms.

750.520c Criminal sexual conduct in the second degree; felony; consecutive terms.

750.520d Criminal sexual conduct in the third degree; felony; consecutive terms.

750.520e Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree; felony; consecutive terms.

750.158 Crime against nature or sodomy; penalty.

750.335a Indecent exposure; violation; penalty.

750.338b Gross indecency; between male and female persons.

750.520g Assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct; felony.

Sections 750.448 and 750.449a – Michigan Legislature

Violent Crimes:

Section 750.72 through 750.79 - Michigan Legislature

Section 750.83 - Michigan Legislature

Section 750.84 through 750.87 - Michigan Legislature

750.321 and 750.322, Manslaughter

Sections 750.411h and 750.411i– Michigan Legislature

750.157b Solicitation to commit murder

750.316 First Degree Murder

Crimes Against Minors:

Section 750.145a – 750.145b. - Michigan Legislature

Section 750.145 - Michigan Legislature

Section 750.136b - Michigan Legislature

750.145c Definitions

750.157c Recruiting, inducing, soliciting, or coercing minor to commit felony

Property Crimes

750.116; Possession of Burglar’s Tools

750.356c and 750.356d; Retail Fraud

750.111, 750.112, 750.115 Breaking, Entering, Burglary with Explosives

750.413 Motor vehicle; taking possession and driving away.

750.131 Check, draft, or order for payment of money; making, drawing, uttering, or delivering without sufficient funds with intent to defraud.

White-Collar Crimes, Fraud

750.157s - use of revoked or cancelled financial transaction device with intent to defraud.

750.174 Embezzlement by agent, servant or employee, or trustee, bailee, or custodian

750.157n Stealing, taking, or removing financial transaction device; possession of fraudulent or altered financial transaction device.