Assault and Violent Crimes Glossary of Terms

The glossary of relevant terms below may be helpful throughout your case and as you gather information from our site, but you should always contact a lawyer as soon as you have any legal questions. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to begin helping you throughout the criminal justice process, and will defend you in any of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Aggravated Assault: attempting to cause serious bodily injury to another, acting recklessly with indifference to the value of human life, or using a deadly weapon to cause bodily injury can result in charges of aggravated assault.

Appeal: after a person has been convicted of assault or a violent crime, he or she may be able to challenge the verdict or sentence by appealing to a higher court. An appeal consists of asking a higher court to review a lower court decision, and should always be handled by a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Arson: the act of burning buildings or other structures is a criminal offense. Arson as a violent crime, act of vandalism, or for any other reason can result in serious criminal penalties.

Assault: any harmful offensive contact can result in assault charges.

Assault With Intent to Commit Bodily Harm Less Than Murder: any assault that aims to greatly injure a person without killing them. Also referred to as Assault GBH, this charge can result in extremely serious criminal penalties.

Assault With Intent to Commit Murder: an assault offense with intent to murder a person. This could also lead to attempted murder charges.

Battery: causing any physical harm or intending to initiate offensive contact with another person. May sometimes be used interchangeably with “Assault.”

Domestic Violence: assault taking place within a residence, either between spouses or other persons in a relationship. Also referred to as “Domestic Abuse,” “Spousal Assault,” “Spousal Abuse” and other terms.

Felon: a person who has been previously conviction of a felony.

Felonious Assault: assaults that involve weapons can result in charges of felonious assault, which can result in substantial criminal penalties.

Felony: a more serious criminal charge, often resulting in long jail sentences and other serious penalties.

Gang Violence: assault, murder, and other violent crimes resulting from gang wars and other gang-related activities. Gang affiliation can add to criminal penalties for assault charges.

Homicide: the killing of one person by another. See “Murder.”

Involuntary Manslaughter: unlawfully killing another person without intent can result in involuntary manslaughter charges. Unreasonable care that results in death, or other actions can result in manslaughter charges.

Kidnapping: unlawfully taking another person by force or fraud, or detaining a person against their will.

Manslaughter: killing another person without premeditation. If the killing was not deliberated or intended, it may be considered “Involuntary Manslaughter”, however intentional killing without premeditation can result in even more serious “Voluntary Manslaughter” charges.

Misdemeanor: a less serious criminal charge, misdemeanor assault and violent crime can still result in jail time, fines, and other punishment.

Murder: the killing of one person by another. Murder in the first degree is premeditated, or planned, while second degree murder charges do not have to be premeditated. Our attorneys can defend you if you have been accused of murder and help you prove your innocence.

Negligent Homicide: the killing of another person resulting from negligence, essentially “allowing” another person to die.

Post-Conviction: after a person has been found guilty, there are still many legal options that may be available, such as an “Appeal.”

PPO: Personal Protection Order, or restraining order.

Spousal Abuse: see “Domestic Violence.”

Stalking: relentlessly following another person, contacting another person, or gaining information about a person without their consent.

Self Defense: defensive physical violence, as opposed to offensive, used to protect against a physical attack or threat.

Voluntary Manslaughter: killing another person with intent, but not premeditation can result in manslaughter charges.

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