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If you have been charged with, arrested or even questioned regarding Michigan criminal activity in Antrim County, the time to act is now.

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Often, the first mistake people make when faced with a possible arrest is talking to the police. The police are not there to be your friend, they want to make arrests—and can and do lie to get results. Contacting an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney is the first step to protecting your future and your freedom.

Our dedicated team of defense lawyers will provide you aggressive representation against any charges brought in Antrim County and throughout Michigan, including:

  • Sex crimes defense: For more than a decade, the experienced sex crimes defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have been aggressively defending those charged with sex crimes such as:
  • Drug charges: When you or a family member faces drug possession charges or is accused of the sale, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking of illegal substances of any kind, our experienced Michigan drug defense attorneys can help. We focus on key strategies and in-depth investigation to providing our clients the best chance to avoid conviction and possible jail time.
  • Assault and violent crimes: If you are facing one of Michigan’s most serious crimes such as homicide/murder or manslaughter, the potential for many years—even life—in prison exists. It is critical to contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer immediately. A call to the lawyers at Grabel & Associates is the first step to putting your defense in motion. Our tireless team of defense attorneys will immediately begin their investigation, using the most effective defense tools and strategies including DNA testing and other forensic evidence.

At Grabel & Associates, we have a proven track record of favorable results—including getting charges dismissed and keeping our clients out of jail.

Antrim County Criminal Cases – Courthouse Information

All felony offenses that are punishable by more than one year in state prison are heard in the Antrim County 13th Circuit Courthouse, located at 205 East Cayuga Street, Bellaire, Michigan, 49615.

The 86th District Court, Criminal Division has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses and scheduling preliminary examinations of felony offenses with a maximum penalty in excess of one year. Where sufficient evidence supports the criminal charges, the matter is transferred to the circuit court. The 86th District court in Antrim County is located at 205 E. Cayuga, Bellaire, Michigan, 49615.

At Grabel & Associates, we have successfully represented numerous people in the both the 13th Circuit Courthouse, as well as the 86th District Court. Contact our law firm immediately if you are facing any Michigan criminal charges to protect your rights.