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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Missaukee County Michigan

Are you facing criminal charges in Missaukee County? Do you need help from a skilled Michigan criminal defense trial lawyer? Have you been arrested and don't know the next steps to take?

Contact the Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates. With attorneys statewide, we have a proven record of obtaining positive results in Missaukee County and throughout Michigan.

Whether you are under investigation for or have been charged with a Michigan sex crime, property crime or drug offense, we will begin working immediately to ensure you receive the best representation possible.

We have over 100 combined years experience providing high-quality representation to individuals facing:

  • DUI/OUI charges: We have years of experience helping those facing any type of drunk driving/driving under the influence charges maintain their driving privileges and state out of jail.

  • Sex crimes charges: Our sex crimes defense lawyers will fight tirelessly to prove your innocence and keep your name off the Michigan sex crimes registry.

  • Theft crimes: As soon as you contact our theft crimes defense lawyers, we will begin an investigation into all of the facts surrounding the alleged crime. We will search for flaws in the prosecution's case that may lead to charges being reduced or eliminated.

  • Juvenile crimes: Our juvenile crimes team understands that many teens make missteps and the appropriate place to address juvenile crimes is in juvenile court. We strive to keep all matters involving youthful offenders out of juvenile court and off of your child's permanent record.

  • Drug charges: At Grabel & Associates, our drug crimes defense practice focuses on avoiding convictions and keeping our clients out of jail.

We also provide aggressive defense involving violent crimes including domestic assault, homicide and gang violence.

We provide all of our clients aggressive advocacy, including top-notch legal research and in-depth investigation utilizing state-of-the-art forensic techniques.

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Missaukee County Criminal Court Information

Missaukee County criminal matters are handled by the 84th District Court and the 28th Circuit Court. The district court has jurisdiction over most misdemeanor matters (those involving jail time of one-year or less), and the circuit court has jurisdiction over felonies and serious misdemeanors.

Both courthouses are located in Lake City, Michigan at:

111 South Canal
Lake City, Michigan 49651
Phone: (231) 839-4967

The criminal defense trial lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully represented numerous individuals in the Missaukee County criminal court system. Our familiarity with the court system allows our criminal defense lawyers to determine the best strategy for you and your matter and help obtain the optimum results for you.

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Do you have a question concerning conditions of parole or probation? Are you facing a violation hearing?

Contact our post-conviction services team.

Many times parole and probation conditions are so confusing that people don't even know the terms have been violated. The Grabel & Associates post-conviction services group can provide professional consultation concerning your terms and representation if you are facing a probation hearing.

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