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Grabel & Associates defend clients statewide facing a variety of driver’s license charges. Our team of driver’s license defense attorneys has experience working in drunk driving, reckless driving, joyriding, and other motor vehicle misdemeanor and felony cases, and we know how to help you avoid fines, suspension or revocation, jail time, and other criminal penalties.

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Contact an attorney to fight back against aggressive police and prosecutors who will attempt to punish you as harshly as possible. We will protect you from wrongful conviction and unnecessary punishment, while fighting to defend your constitutional rights throughout investigation and trial. Our website is full of information pertaining to driver’s license laws and motor vehicle charges, and you can always contact us by phone or online if you have any questions about your specific case. Work with a lawyer to ensure the best result in your case; we are ready to begin working with you no matter what charge you face.

Suspension and Revocation of Driver’s License in Michigan

If you commit specific infractions in the state of Michigan, you can lose your right to drive for a period of time. A driver’s license suspension can occur in DUI cases, as well as reckless driving, joyriding, fleeing the scene, and other vehicle related cases.

If your license is suspended, you will not be able to drive for a set period of time and will have to pay a mandatory reinstatement fee when your suspension ends. If your license is revoked, you will completely lose your ability to drive and will have to reapply for a driver’s license after one year. If you have already had your license revoked previously, you will lose your driving privileges for 5 years before having to reapply for a new license.

In the state of Michigan, your case could be subject to mandatory driver’s license suspension if you are convicted of OWI, fleeing the scene, child endangerment, or a commercial driver’s license offense. Mandatory driver’s license suspension also applies to all drug crime cases, however, including possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and other possession or distribution narcotics charges. If you are underage, your license can be suspended for any crime involving alcohol, including alcohol possession. Contact our firm to fight against the suspension or revocation of your license, or visit the following pages for more information:

Driver’s License Points System in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, specific convictions for traffic offenses will result in points on your driver’s license that can accumulate and lead to suspension of your license. Open alcohol containers, speeding, careless driving, refusal to take a blood or breath test, OWI, Super Drunk DUI, and other charges can result in between two and six points on your record. If you accumulate twelve or more points within a two year period, you can lose your right to operate a motor vehicle.

You can reduce the number of points on your record by completing a state approved driver improvement course within 60 days of an infraction. The Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) can be an effective way to avoid license suspension after a traffic violation. Contact our firm to find out more about the point system and how it might apply in your case.

Additionally, your driving record is available to you if you need to check how many points are on your license and if any outstanding violations or tickets apply to your license. If you need to check your driver’s license status or have questions about driver’s license points after a criminal conviction, there are resources online that can help you. Visit the following pages on our website to learn more about the points system, point reduction, and your driver’s license status:

Our Approach to Traffic Convictions

Our attorneys will work with you no matter what criminal charge you face and help you to understand how driver’s license law is affecting your unique situation. Contact our talented team immediately if you have any questions about a charge you are facing or a past conviction. We work with clients in pre-file through post-conviction stages of DUI and other motor vehicle violation cases and will build an individualized criminal defense strategy that will help you obtain the best possible result in your case.

If you have questions about driver’s license law in Michigan, search our website for additional information or contact us with the details of your specific case. We are ready to aggressively defend you against license suspension, revocation, driver responsibility fees, fines, and jail time in any of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Proven Results in Michigan Traffic Violation Cases

We understand how the law, courts, DMV, and other factors affect your ability to drive during and after a criminal case and can help guide you through your case to a beneficial outcome. Call us, toll free at 1-800-342-7896 now for a free case consultation or contact us online and set up a free consultation with trial attorney Scott Grabel. We will work to help you understand how DL laws are affecting your case and will fight to keep you from wrongful conviction. Work with a top-notch criminal defense firm and ensure the best possible result in your case. Our attorneys are available now to help you fight DUI or other traffic violation charges.

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