Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD / DLAD) Letters of Reference

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

When you're trying to get your license back, completing an alcohol and drug evaluation and treatment just isn't enough. You need letters of reference attesting to your sobriety and to the changes that have occurred in your life. At the Michigan law firm of Grabel & Associates, we ensure that you not only get the letters, but that you get the right kind of letters.

You Only Have One Chance Each Year To Get Your License Back. Do It Right!

Drivers whose licenses have been suspended can petition the Michigan Secretary of State's office to have them restored only once each year in a DAAD/DLAD restoration hearing. A critical part of your petition to get your license back is the letters of reference. There are many factors to consider when requesting letters from friends, family, co-workers, a sobriety sponsor and community leaders. At our law firm, we will help you find the letter writers who will be able to make the best case for recovering your license.

Our dedicated team of lawyers ensures that all your letters of support tell a consistent, detailed testimonial about your ability to remain abstinent from alcohol and/or drugs and that you have the ability to drive in a safe manner.

Attention To Detail And Experience Get Results At Your Hearing

We advise clients about the factors to consider when identifying people who may be able to write effective letters of reference. Some of the issues that must be considered include:

  • The person must have personal knowledge of your continued sobriety and be able to affirm that your drug or alcohol problem is under control
  • The person must be able to affirm that your risk of operating a vehicle under the influence is low
  • The person must be able to document or describe your last incidence of drinking or substance abuse

We carefully scrutinize each letter word for word to be sure that it tells the story of your sobriety in a consistent, straight-forward way. We don't miss any detail. Our years of experience helping people with DLAD/DAAD hearings mean that our attorney knows what to look for in letters of reference. We know the stakes are high and we focus on the goal - the restoration of your license.

The Right Quality, The Right Number. Our Law Firm Makes Sure Your DAAD/DLAD Letters Tell The Story Correctly.

Experience tells us that it is better to have four to six excellent letters that tell your story than to have ten letters that are ambiguous, non-specific or from people who are not really in a position to attest to your sobriety. Additionally, these letters must be current - written within 90 days of the DAAD/DLAD hearing and must be signed, dated and notarized to be included in your application to restore your license. We make sure your letters will help and not hurt your application.

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