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If you are at risk of losing your children to Child Protective Services, you need to aggressively defend your parental rights with the help of an experienced CPS lawyer. Grabel & Associates will fight on your behalf and work to protect you and your children from a wrongful conviction. Our premier Michigan defense firm is focused on protecting the rights of clients, and we will investigate every detail of your case and expose the truth.

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A complicated legal battle with Child Protective Services could damage your reputation and result in a loss of parental rights, and you could face additional criminal charges for accusations of child abuse or neglect. Any child abuse case is serious, and a conviction will carry serious criminal punishment. Do not risk your family’s future by waiting to hire a lawyer, Grabel & Associates can provide you with the best Michigan CPS defense now.

Michigan Child Abuse or Neglect Charge Defense Attorney

If you are investigated by Michigan Child Protective Services, you could face criminal charges and serious punishment. Charges of first degree child abuse result from serious physical or mental harm to a child, and can carry up to 15 years imprisonment as punishment. Second degree child abuse in Michigan could result in a four year prison term and a third degree felony child abuse charge could put you behind bars for two years. A misdemeanor charge of fourth degree child abuse can still result in up to a year in prison. Contact Grabel & Associates now to avoid these harsh sentences.

Child Protective Services Lawyer in Michigan

Child protective services can seek the termination of your parental rights if you have been accused of child abuse, child neglect, or child sex crimes. CPS will conduct an investigation to determine if your child has been abused or neglected, however certain key aspects can be overlooked and families wrongly pulled apart. Teachers, doctors, and other professionals are legally obligated to report any evidence of child abuse or neglect and a mark, scar, or remark made by a child could be misconstrued for child abuse and result in a CPS investigation. Additionally, children are subject to manipulation and suggestion and one parent can wrongfully accuse the other with the help of manipulated statements in order to bring about damaging false allegations. Child abuse, child neglect, and criminal sexual conduct charges are common during divorce and custody battles, and Grabel & Associates works to protect Michigan parents from wrongful conviction.

Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Furthermore, the constitutional rights that protect you when you are charged with a crime in Michigan do not completely protect you when dealing with a CPS investigation. Evidence gathered while taking your children away from you can be later used in a criminal case to convict you, and without the help of a lawyer you may be wrongly construed as an incompetent parent.

Our Approach to Child Protective Services Cases in Michigan

You need an aggressive attorney to combat CPS investigation and criminal charges. Child protective services, prosecuting attorneys, social workers, and even court-appointed experts will be working together to convict you and take away your parental rights, and we will fight to protect you from their aggressive tactics. Don’t allow yourself to get bullied into a damaging situation that could permanently harm your family and quality of life; work with Grabel & Associates and defend against the coercive tactics used in CPS cases.

Our skilled team of CPS case lawyers will work to fully investigate every detail of your situation and ensure no falsified information or evidence is used against you in your Michigan criminal case. We will uncover the truth and protect you and your children from wrongful conviction. Our Michigan defense attorneys understand that weak evidence is often used in CPS cases and will utilize dynamic criminal defense strategies to protect your rights and freedom.

CPS investigations can be extremely stressful, and our lawyers know there is nothing more painful than losing your children. We will constantly be available if you have any questions about your case and inform you of every legal option throughout the process. Our attorneys dedicate adequate time to every step of each case we take, and will build an individualized legal approach tailored to your family’s needs. Contact us immediately to defend against Michigan Child Protective Services and protect your right to parent your children.

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Our lawyers are very familiar with Child Protective Services and the allegations made by Michigan CPS. Our experience gives us valuable insight into the process and we will help you avoid common mistakes made in CPS cases. Children are easily manipulated, and interviews need to be conducted in a reliable, fair manner, to avoid false, misleading information. Additionally, lie detector tests have many flaws and we will ensure a stress-free, accurate polygraph test if necessary or challenge faulty lie detector test results. Our aggressive, effective approach has worked in thousands of past Michigan criminal cases, and will be effective in your Michigan CPS or child removal case.

Call 1-800-342-7896 now for a free phone consultation and learn more about our premier law firm. Our focus on results consistently produces unrivaled case outcomes, and the sooner you begin your defense the better your results will be. You can also contact us online to set up a consultation with trial lawyer Scott Grabel. We are available 24/7 online and by phone to assist you in your fight for justice. We are here to help in Michigan Child Protective Services cases.

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