When Can a Juvenile Be Charged as an Adult in Southfield?

Offenders under the age of 17 are usually charged as juveniles and sentenced in juvenile court, but in the most serious cases, adult charges and sentencing in regular criminal courts is possible. The Southfield juvenile defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates protect clients who are facing charges in both the family court system and criminal courts statewide, and we know what it takes to achieve exceptional case results in all kinds of serious cases. If you or your loved one has been accused of a serious Southfield criminal offense, contact our 24/7 hotline now to learn more about our proven approach to juvenile defense, and how we can protect you or your loved one against a waiver to adult court. As soon as you get in touch with our team, we will begin walking you through the next steps you should take in your case, and will continue to guide you through what you need to say and do as police and prosecutors try to build a case against you. With juvenile crime, so much is at stake, with the offender’s entire future on the line. Our attorneys recognize the severity of the situation, and will treat your case as if it were our own. Work with a lawyer who has proven skill; contact the Grabel & Associates team now.

Trial lawyer Scott Grabel has been working with clients statewide for over a decade, and along with the rest of our talented attorneys, is committed to doing whatever it takes to get the best possible results in Southfield juvenile crime cases. If you have been accused of a crime that would normally be a felony, adult charges will be at stake, especially if you are closer to the age of 17. Clients statewide respect our trial attorneys because, we are truly concerned with the actual outcomes of cases, and our proven results show that our approach to juvenile defense works. Call our 24/7 hotline or contact our firm online and let one of our Southfield defense lawyers start to answer some of the questions you have about your case, and begin advising you on the next steps you should be taking to both avoid adult court sentencing and the negative penalties that could result from a juvenile court trial.

Court considerations in Charging Juveniles as Adults in Southfield, MI

If the crime a juvenile is accused of committing equates to a felony when committed by an adult, a waiver to adult court is possible. Obviously, the more serious the offense is, the more likely it will be that the prosecution pursues a waiver to adult court. In cases involving murder, manslaughter, weapons, and other serious accusations, adult sentencing could very well be on the line.

Another consideration is the age of the offender. In most cases, a juvenile has to be at least 14 in order to have the case waived up to the criminal court system. This regulation is contained in the Probate Code. Since 1997, however, the minimum age for violent crimes has been lowered, and for the most serious offenses (usually involving homicide), juveniles as young as 11 have been tried as adults.

The court will also consider an alleged offender’s history and the unique details of the case when looking at whether or not to waive jurisdiction from the juvenile court system up to adult court. If a juvenile has committed multiple offenses without any rehabilitative success, adult court sentencing could be more likely. There are many factors that can influence a case, and provided the offense can be equated to a felony, adult court sentencing is always a possibility. No matter what, you will need to work with a qualified attorney. Contact our team now to begin working towards a beneficial case outcome.

Working to Ensure the Best Juvenile Defense

When a juvenile is accused of a criminal offense, defense on multiple fronts is required. Our lawyers fight waivers to adult court, and then protect clients as they battle back against the harsh penalties possible. We will work to ensure you get the best possible result in your case, so don’t wait to start working with a member of our qualified team. Protect yourself or your loved one now with Grabel & Associates.

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