Westland Post-Conviction Attorneys

If you or someone you love has been convicted of a crime in Westland, MI, your legal battle is not over. Now, more than ever, you need a talented, creative attorney to work alongside you and help develop a plan of action to reduce your sentence or overturn a guilty verdict. The defense team of Wayne County at Grabel & Associates is passionate about fighting for the wrongly accused, and will aggressively defend you in the post-conviction stage of you case. The sooner you reach out to us, the better your chance of receiving your desired outcome is, so contact us through our toll free hotline or online right now.

Post-Conviction Motions and Direct Appeals in Wayne County

If the jury has reached a verdict or the judge has made a ruling that is undesirable, you can file a post-conviction motion or possibly file an appeal. Your attorney will outline the options available in your case and help you choose the best course of action. We value your freedom and are committed to battling on your behalf during the pre-sentencing stage of your case and beyond, and are willing to explore a variety of approaches to give you the best shot at justice.

There is a difference between post-conviction motions and direct appeals. Post-conviction motions are filed with the trial court, while appeals are filed with the appellate court. If you’ve already explored appeal and lost in Wayne County, or if you are not yet at the appellate stage, you may be able to file a post-conviction motion. Here are a few reasons for filing a post-conviction motion:

  • To request a new trial
  • To address juror misconduct or juror bias
  • To demonstrate prosecutorial misconduct
  • To claim ineffective assistance of counsel
  • To bring to the court's attention evidence of perjury by a witness that, without whose testimony a verdict of guilty would have been unlikely
  • To introduce new evidence that was not, or could not have reasonably known at trial (for example, DNA testing that is likely to show the defendant was innocent)
  • To address issues that may or may not have been clear by a review of the trial transcripts and record
  • To bring to light changes to the law especially in regard to sentencing
  • To change or withdraw a plea

Appealing a Case in Westland, MI

If you file a post-conviction motion and it is denied, it may still be possible to file an appeal. If your case was heard in the 18th District Court in Westland, Michigan, the Circuit Court will serve as the appellate court in your case. If your case has already progressed to the Circuit Court, you can appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals, which is composed of six elected judges. Decisions made by the Michigan Court of Appeals are considered final, unless the Michigan Supreme Court grants a review of the outcome. For more information on the progression of appeals in the state of Michigan and which court you will appeal to, please review our FAQ page or contact an attorney at Grabel & Associates now.

Post-Conviction Motions and Appeals Services at Grabel & Associates

Scott Grabel, founding attorney at Grabel & Associates, began his career working in the Michigan Court of Appeals and is familiar with what it takes to win in the post-conviction stage of your case. He has led our talented team of attorneys to numerous victories and always puts the interests of the client above the interests of the firm. If you need top-tier legal defense in your criminal case, Grabel & Associates is ready to step in and fight for you. We will review every detail of your unique case and develop an innovative approach, putting you on track to receive a more positive outcome in your case. If you aren’t satisfied with your initial results in court, reach out to Grabel & Associates to start fighting for justice today.

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A member of our team can be reached 24/7 at 1-800-342-7896 to provide a free initial case consultation and quality legal advice to help you move forward after an undesirable verdict or ruling or contact us online. There is no need to suffer from a wrongful conviction or an excessively harsh sentence contact Grabel & Associates now to learn about your rights and the options available in your case.