Unarmed Robbery Lawyers in Kalamazoo

Robbery and theft are extremely serious offenses, even if weapons are not involved. Unarmed robbery and theft can lead to jail time, fines, a criminal record, and other potentially devastating effects, and it is important that you act fast to begin working with a qualified criminal defense lawyer, who knows what it takes to protect your future. Grabel & Associates is recognized statewide as a leader in robbery and theft defense because we know what it takes to win, and have been proving that for over 15 years. As you work with our team, you will gain access to an entire team of skilled defense attorneys and legal staff who are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you a great case result. Additionally, our exceptional customer service will help reduce the stress that results after a criminal accusation. Unarmed robbery and theft in Kalamazoo are not charges that should be taken lightly, and you may not have much time to begin fighting back if you want to get the best possible case result. Call 1-800-342-7896 now to learn more about our proven approach, or contact us online to get started.

Scott Grabel founded our firm over 15 years ago and has since remained committed to guiding clients through the defense process and to favorable outcomes. As our proven results show, our lawyers know exactly what you need to do after unarmed robbery and theft investigation or charges. As soon as you are accused of a serious felony offense, you can take action to protect yourself, starting with a free initial case consultation with a member of our talented team. We know what it takes to win in tough robbery and theft cases, and can explain what options will be available to you as you progress through your case. Don’t wait to begin fighting back against police and prosecutors with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind. Grabel & Associates is ready now to start working with you or your loved one, no matter where you are in Michigan.

Unarmed Robbery and Theft Laws in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Theft of money or property is covered under Section 750.356 of the Penal Code. According to this statute, anyone who steals money, property, notes, drafts, accounts, deeds conveying value, receipts, public records, and a variety of other items of value can face criminal penalties. The specific penalties a person can face will depend greatly on the value of the goods stolen, with fines of up to three times the value of the stolen goods or more, in addition to jail time and a criminal record, on the line.

Section 750.530 of the Penal Code states that if force or violence is used (sometimes referred to as “robbery”) more serious penalties can be at stake. If you are accused of a theft or an unarmed robbery in Kalamazoo, act now to get in touch with a lawyer who can protect you as you proceed through the initial stages of your case. The sooner you are to when you were first accused of the offense, the better your chances will be, and as police and prosecutors work to build a case, your attorney’s efforts can be pivotally important. Work with us now and fight back against jail time, fines, and other serious penalties.

Criminal Penalties for Kalamazoo Unarmed Robbery and Theft

If you are convicted of a theft offense without aggravating factors, you could face up to 10 years behind bars and a fine of up to 3 times the value of the stolen goods, in the most serious cases. Provided the value of the goods is over $1,000, felony charges will result. In robbery cases, up to 15 years behind bars will be on the line. Always speak to an attorney before you attempt to take any action on your own.

Unarmed Robbery Defense Representation

Our lawyers understand that when you are falsely accused or threatened with excessive penalties, you need someone to fight aggressively to protect your rights, and we are prepared to do that throughout every stage of your case. Get in touch with our team through our 24/7 hotline and let us provide you with an initial consultation at absolutely no cost, and with no obligation to work with our team.

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