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When a person is present in a building or dwelling they do not have permission to be inside, it is likely that a breaking and entering offense has occurred. B&E charges encompass a variety of different situations, but breaking and entering could be as simple as opening a door and walking into an unlocked building. If you have been accused of breaking and entering in Southfield, never take the charges lightly, even if you are absolutely certain that you did nothing wrong. Grabel & Associates is a firm that deals with false allegations in all kinds of criminal cases, as well as rights violations, excessive potential penalties, and all other issues regularly faced in theft and property crime cases. Our theft lawyers in Southfield can protect you as you fight back against charges of breaking and entering in Southfield, and are ready right now to begin working with you or your loved one. Contact us by phone or online to learn more about breaking and entering allegations, and to begin fighting back against misdemeanor or felony conviction.

Under the direct guidance of renowned trial attorney and firm founder Scott Grabel, our theft and property crimes defense team will guide you through every step you need to take in order to obtain the best available result in your legal situation. Our attorneys understand breaking and entering laws, and know what you need to do in order to combat B&E conviction. Our Southfield theft and property crime defense team will direct you through protecting your rights during an investigation, preparing for an arraignment and trial, dealing with prosecutor attempts to bargain, and even facing a judge and jury in Southfield. Let us help you beat the negative potential effects which can result in breaking and entering cases, just like we have been doing for clients statewide for 15+ years. Our experienced attorneys are ready right now to begin answering your questions and guiding your next steps.

Breaking and Entering Laws in Southfield

Breaking and entering is actually not just a single offense, but a combination of two distinct actions, first breaking, and then entering. Breaking and entering is covered in Section 750.115 of the Penal Code, as is entering without breaking. According to this law, anyone who breaks and enters or enters without breaking into any of the following can face a misdemeanor conviction:

  • Dwelling/House
  • Tent
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • Store/Shop
  • Warehouse
  • Barn/Granary
  • Factory
  • Other Buildings
  • Boat/Ship
  • Railroad Car
  • Cottage/Clubhouse
  • Boat House
  • Hunting/Fishing Lodge
  • Ice Shanty (Value Over $100)
  • Any Other Structure

Breaking does not need to involve actually breaking anything; simply opening a door or window classifies as breaking. Similarly, entering does not even have to be going into a dwelling or building – if a person places anything inside or moves anything, or if any part of them enters into a building, “entering” has occurred. Obviously, if a place is open to the public, entering without breaking charges don’t apply.

Always fight back with an experienced lawyer if you are accused of a theft or property crime offense. We are available 24/7 to begin working with you or your loved one.

Criminal Penalties for Breaking and Entering in Southfield, MI

The maximum penalty for breaking and entering in Southfield isn’t explicitly stated in the law, largely because the penalties will depend on what happens after the breaking and entering offense. If a person is present in the building, a home invasion charge could result, which is one of the most serious theft and property crime offenses. If larceny occurs, larceny from a building charges could result. Always consult an attorney to find out exactly what you are up against in your unique case.

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