Shoplifting by a Juvenile in Ann Arbor

Stealing from a retail store or misrepresenting the price of something is an offense often committed by younger offenders, who are either unaware of the law or openly defiant. In other cases, wrongful accusations can result just because store owners are more suspicious of juveniles than others who may be involved in a situation. Whatever the case, it is critical that anyone who has been accused of a juvenile shoplifting or retail fraud offense work with a talented defense lawyer early on in the defense process. Grabel & Associates is a firm committed to always being available for clients in Ann Arbor and statewide, and we are ready to begin working with you or your child right now after a shoplifting accusation. Contact our team to learn more about Ann Arbor juvenile defense and how our team can guide you through every stage of your case.

With trial lawyer Scott Grabel and the rest of our highly qualified team on your side, you can confidently combat the serious penalties that can result from a retail fraud conviction in Ann Arbor. The Grabel & Associates juvenile defense team is fully prepared to represent your best interests throughout investigation, bargaining, and a potential trial.

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Retail Fraud Committed by a Juvenile in Ann Arbor, MI

The laws related to retail fraud in Ann Arbor are split into three degrees, dependent on the value amount of goods stolen, or the price difference that had been misrepresented. Over $1,000 can lead to 1st degree charges, while over $200 can lead to 2nd degree retail fraud charges. 3rd degree retail fraud charges result in cases involving goods valued at under $200 or price differences of less than $200.

Juveniles are not often sentenced in adult court for retail fraud or shoplifting cases, however. It is likely that the case will be heard in juvenile court, and the penalties will not be guided by criminal law but by the rehabilitative focus of the under 17 court in Ann Arbor, MI. There is still a wide range of penalties that can result, and it is important to work with a lawyer to seek the most beneficial result possible. Contact our attorneys now and learn more about how retail fraud laws could be applied in your Ann Arbor juvenile crime case.

Criminal Penalties for Juvenile Shoplifting in Ann Arbor

If sentenced as an adult, jail time and fines will be on the line, though unless there are extenuating circumstances or multiple offenses on record, it is likely that juvenile cases will be heard in juvenile court. There are a wide range of penalties that can result from juvenile court hearings, some of which are outlined below:

Restitution: In shoplifting cases, juveniles will likely be required to return the stolen item, pay for the item or price difference, apologize, volunteer, or even pay a fine as a result of the offense.

Counseling: Court-ordered counseling or treatment may be required for a period of time set by the court.

Diversion: A juvenile may be placed in a diversion program which could include academic requirements, community service, and more in exchange for an expunged record.

Probation: A juvenile may also be required to complete certain conditions such as those set out in a diversion program, and check in with a probation officer regularly. In probation cases, however, an offense will still likely stay on record.

Release: Sometimes, the court will choose to release the juvenile to his or her parents with certain requirements, such as the requirement that they remain living at home and stay in school.

Placement: In more serious cases or for offenders with behavioral issues that the court deems more severe, placement in a juvenile detention center is possible. State or foster care can also be ordered by the court.

Our Approach to Juvenile Shoplifting Defense in Ann Arbor, MI

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