OWI First Offense Clinton Township

Often the most stressful criminal charges a person can face are first offense charges, because it is tough to know what will happen, especially if you have never faced any type of legal issue before. Many people in OWI cases are being accused of a crime for the first time, and most take one of two routes: brushing off charges and not taking any action, or attempting to fight back and prove their innocence alone. Both of these critical errors can lead to much worse case results than you may be able to achieve if you work with an experienced attorney which is why that should always be the first step you take in any drunk driving case. Grabel & Associates is prepared to begin working with you immediately, no matter what the specific details of your case, our team is prepared to do all we can to help you fight back against criminal conviction. Hire our Clinton OWI defense attorneys now and begin working to beat first offense OWI charges in Clinton.

With our talented team on your side, you will know that absolutely everything is being done to protect you, even as aggressive police and prosecutors seek to land you behind bars. Our attorneys are familiar with the strategies that are most effective in misdemeanor drunk driving cases and we have over a decade of experience working in Clinton courts with clients similar to you. Contact our firm now for a free initial case consultation and begin working with a qualified member of our team who can guide you to an exceptional case result. Our Clinton OWI defense firm is available 24/7 to begin working with you or your loved one after a drunk driving allegation.

Michigan Misdemeanor OWI Laws

If a person drives with a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08%, or if he or she drives while intoxicated by alcohol even with a BAC below that limit, Operating While Intoxicated charges can result. If charged with OWI, you could be convicted of a misdemeanor and face jail time, fines, and license suspension for a first offense. Working with an attorney could help you achieve a case dismissal, reduced charge, or more favorable sentence, and there are numerous ways that our team can help you fight back against DUI accusations.

Contact a Clinton OWI defense lawyer now if you are accused of OWI or any other drunk driving offense in Michigan. Our Macomb County defense team has the skill and experience needed to guide you through your case and help you obtain a beneficial case result.

Criminal Penalties for OWI First Offense in Clinton, MI

If convicted of OWI for the first time, you could be sentenced to up to 93 days in jail, a fine of a much as $500, DUI education classes, and driver’s license suspension, or any combination of these penalties. Additionally, you will have a misdemeanor criminal record, and could face additional administrative penalties and fines depending on the specifics of your case.

Contact trial lawyer Scott Grabel or another one of our experienced attorneys and find out more about how Clinton, Michigan OWI laws could affect your unique case. Our team is available 24/7 to speak with you concerning the details of your situation.

Our Approach to First Offense Operating While Intoxicated Defense

At Grabel & Associates, we believe every client deserves top-level criminal defense representation, no matter how serious the charges they are facing. We treat every case the same, providing premier defense through every stage of the case and fighting for an exceptional case outcome. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor first offense DUI charge, a felony drunk driving accusation, or any other criminal charge, our Clinton defense team knows what it takes to protect you and defend your freedom. Contact our team now and let us begin working to develop a defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your unique case. We are always available to begin guiding you to an exceptional case result, and our experienced team will do everything they can to answer all your legal questions and guide you to a favorable outcome.

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If you have been accused of DUI in Clinton, call 800-342-7896 now or contact our firm online. We are available 24/7 to provide you with a free initial case consultation and will work with you during investigation and throughout a potential trial so that you are comprehensively protected throughout your battle for justice.