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Do you know your rights if you've been accused of a crime? Call our knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense team to protect your constitutional rights including:

  • The right to have an attorney

  • The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures

  • The right against self-incrimination and coerced confession

  • The right to a speedy trial

These are your undeniable rights guaranteed by the constitution. Law enforcement cannot take these away even if you've been arrested and accused of a crime. In fact, if law enforcement violates your rights, any charges pending against you may be dismissed completely.

Contact the skilled criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates to protect your rights.

For more than 100 combined years our defenders have been protecting the rights of the accused in Montmorency County and throughout Michigan facing all types of criminal charges including:

  • Theft and property crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • DUI charges
  • Assault and violent crimes

At our criminal defense law firm, we believe that knowledge is one of the most important assets for individuals charged with any crime. We work closely with our clients each step of the way, providing individualized attention and in-depth counseling to explain your options, discuss strategies and provide key information concerning your defense.

We can provide you key advice concerning:

  • The stages of a case
  • Constitutional protections
  • Categories of crimes and sentencing
  • Importance of a competent attorney
  • Life after conviction
  • Criminal defense FAQs

Our Michigan Defense Team Is Standing By To Answer Your Questions.

Montmorency County Criminal Court Information

The Montmorency County criminal matters are handled by the district court and the 26th Circuit Court. The district court has jurisdiction over most misdemeanor matters (those involving jail time of one-year or less) and the circuit court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies. Individuals charged with felonies may have a preliminary hearing first in district court to determine if probable cause exists to bind them over for trial.

The 26th Circuit Court and the 88th District Court are located in Atlanta, Michigan, in the Montmorency Court House:

12265 M-32
Atlanta, Michigan 49709
Phone: (989) 785-8022

At Grabel & Associates, our aggressive criminal defense attorneys have track long track record of proven results representing numerous individuals in the Montmorency County criminal court system. We have earned a reputation of providing aggressive advocacy and skilled defense for those facing even the most serious criminal charges.

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Is your teen in trouble?

We also provide compassionate and determined Michigan juvenile crimes representation. We understand that bumps occur along the road to adulthood. Our juvenile justice team is dedicated to ensuring teens charged with criminal offenses are treated fairly and given the best shot at future success. This means keeping juvenile crime matters in juvenile court and off a minor's permanent record.

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